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Living Tall in Japan, part 49

May the 4th be with you!! </geek>

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Shortly after the Kimeru concert, some friends from my anime club in Phoenix came to stay with me while they toured Tokyo. It was great to host them, and I also finally had a chance to go to see Tokyo Tower!

I’ve been to Tokyo Tower more times than I can count now, but I’ve still never once yet been up to the viewing platform. Every time I intend to, I balk at the price. It’s just an elevator ride, to see the sort of thing that I can see for free at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building. I never felt like it was worth it to pay $15 just to ride up there! Maybe one day I will… of course, I’ll probably choose the one day when Tokyo Tower is destroyed by an evil menace (a random anime reference there).

My impression of Tokyo Tower was… well, it’s pretty. Orange and white, it looks like someone smeared a creamsicle all over the Eiffel Tower and then plopped it down in the middle of Tokyo’s more expensive district.

Much more important than the tower, though, is its mascot. It has a very.. interesting shape. Aya and I are modeling with it there at right, and I’m wondering what you think of it. Do you think the same thing that I thought back then? Actually, that I still think?

Wait, here is a (slightly)  larger picture!

Oh, and we encountered Pikachu too, by the way!

The things that you find randomly in Tokyo. I suppose that it’s appropriate. When people think of Japan, Tokyo Tower and Pikachu are both things that come to mind pretty quickly. 🙂

But really.

What’s most important, though, is really that mascot! What else could it even possibly, conceivably be other than an adult toy? I’m serious. I mean, come on, Japan. Why did you pick a dildo as the mascot for Tokyo Tower? You will never convince me that it’s anything else. Let’s randomly pick a long, smooth, tapered plastic pink object that moves and makes you smile as the mascot for our major tourist attraction! I bet the ladies will love it!

The band-aid on its head indicates injury from heavy use, right?

Umm, right?

I want (need) to hear your opinions! And be sure to tune in tomorrow for more Living Tall in Japan and other stories! *^^*

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