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Living Tall in Japan, part 48

Things are moving along nicely! For some reason, the cold makes me really tired, so I felt sluggish all day. I need to learn to not let that affect me. In any case, I LOVED being able to work on the cover, finally! Should be done soon!! *^^* I hope you love it as much as I do! And now, on to some more Living Tall in Japan!

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This was my second time to go see Kimeru in concert. The first time had completely redefined to me what a concert was supposed to be– fun, sweaty, and bursting with energy! Sort of like me in the summer. The second time was no less exciting!

Let me start with the review that I wrote of the concert itself, and then I’ll move on to something a bit more personal. ^^ 

There was fire, there were streamers and blasts of light.. and a NEW SONG! I sweated buckets, and so did most everyone else.

I’m so full of energy, and yet I’m exhausted. The concert was beyond good. Good can’t even begin to describe it. In fact, amazingly awesome might be better. Exciting, bouncy, LOUD, and EXCITEMENT-INDUCING might be a more accurate description. I wrote about it the last time that I reviewed his live (Pleasure of Love tour in February), about how much charisma and energy he has in person, and I think for this one even more, he pulled out ALL the stops. Kimeru is amazing in person. If you can see him, please please do it. You won’t even begin to regret it. He’s full of SO MUCH energy!

Let’s start at the beginning of the day. I met up with Aloni in Shibuya. 

When we came up to the arena to wait (there was no semblance of a line yet), one girl was really REALLY obviously pointing at us and saying something to her friend.. I don’t know why. Did she remember us from another event? Had she talked to us before? It’s so hard to tell, because I can’t remember what the girls that we’ve talked to looked like. ^^;; But there was no mistaking it, she was saying something about us, and they kept looking over at us. But they never did say anything to us. Oh well.. it was a LONG wait and we amused ourselves by watching the random ko-gals that were para-para-ing in the area. Whee, fun! I tried to take a video of it, but by the time that I got out my camera, they had stopped. ;_; By now there were TONS of people. Eda was still not here yet, so we headed on over to the nearby Mosburger (Mosburger=lucky love, because of what happened during Winter Fudomine Tenimyu at one..) and chilled. We chilled until Eda arrived, and for a long time after, and then finally headed on over to the concert hall and found a random place to wait. It was fun people-watching and observing that the girls were just like anime fans in the US. Hehe..

Our seats were FAR back. But it turned out that it didn’t matter. Even from up there, I had the most AMAZING time. I mean, it was BETTER than the last concert. It was AWESOMEx1000000000. I’m going to go through the concert, and it probably won’t be in the right order or 100% accurate, but I’m working with the set list and Eda, Aya and I put together afterwards. By the way.. we didn’t spot any more Tenimyu members, but apparently Ueshima (Nanjiro’s actor, and the director) didn’t have a seat, and so he came to stand at the end of our row.. (He didn’t fanboy though, he was rather stoic the whole time, I don’t know how he did it. XD I was a bit too far to try to talk to him, though some girls a few seats down were TOTALLY freaking out)

Amazing. The set was HUGE, and the band + Kimeru were at an all-time energy high! The set was circular-ish, with Kimeru having free reign of the front-center, Kenichi (bassist) on our left, Eiji (guitarist) on the right. Behind him on raised platforms were Shinsuke (drummer) on the left and Yoshi (keyboardist) on the right. Behind them in a semicircle were these decorative things that looked like buildings when they were fully raised.. I’m not sure what they were supposed to be.

Kimeru was dressed to take ultimate advantage of his sexiness. His hair was the same beautiful hair that he’d sported at his last concert, but a tiny bit shorter and a bit pointed in back (or was that something that happened gradually during the concert? Not sure..) He was wearing tight black leather pants, a white sleeveless shirt, and a black leather jacket. OMG, he oozed sexiness.

He came on in semi-darkness, backlit with red. It was beautiful, and opened with a blast of colored lights (blue). His first song was Decide – First Gate. Bouncy and energetic, he had everyone up and jumping to the rhythm, pumping their fists. It was beautiful. Colored lights were EVERYWHERE. Then he launched into Mirrorball and ditched the jacket, then Prism, and then had a short talk session where he talked about how his next song was written with Yanagi in mind because of the accident that he’d went through. The next song was Oath in the Storm.. beautiful.

After this, he spent a long free talk session telling the audience a crazy deluded story about the Ark and its history. LOL I think most of it was made up, sorta.. XD Shinsuke said that he didn’t understand the story. XD Kimeru gave some time to each of his band members in turn, where they talked about the things that they’d been into recently. Yoshi’s apparently been into Ichigo 100%, LOL. Peeeervert. XD Kimeru declined to comment when they passed the mike on to him. He did talk to the audience, interviewing us by asking where we’d come from (we cheered for Tokyo and Akita, but alas he didn’t mention foreign countries or America..). There were no people from Okinawa, LOL. He talked for a long time, and commented on how many people there were. He’d started with a tiny live in Shibuya ruido (I think) with only 250 people, and now there were 2500 people in this concert hall. (and many more who couldn’t get in I’m sure).

Then he moved on to Chain of Mind and Endless Pain, and Make You Free. During Make You Free, suddenly there were streamers shot out all over the audience! (They didn’t reach us sadly) People were on their feet, cheering, bouncing, being loud and fangirly. It was HOT. Sweat was pouring off of everyone, I think, but nobody cared. It didn’t matter. Cheering, jumping, screaming, clapping, pumping our fists, a lot of chanting “hey hey!!!” Hot and FUN!!

After Make You Free he had another short free talk. This one was basically asking the audience if we were in love, and the lead-in for Pink. It was beautiful with colored lights all over.. ♥

After Pink was Pleasure of Love (BOUNCE BOUNCE!!), Overlap, and You Got Game. Oh maaaaan… There were more streamers for this one, and it was completely and totally crazy!! SO HOT. Then he launched straight into Be Shiny and Beat a Path without even a pause. During Beat a Path, he had us fill in the lyrics for him! After this, he left the stage..

Much shouting of “ENCO-RE ENCO-RE ENCO-RE KI-ME KI-ME KI-ME!!” And he came back after a looooooooong wait. He came back out to ecstatic cheering and was wearing his red concert t-shirt!! (The t-shirts are BEAUTIFUL this time!!) He had a long free talk!! This one was the announcements talk. He said that he had three big announcements…!!

1- This concert is going to be made into a DVD! “Are you going to buy it, everyone? Are you excited everyone?”
2- His next tour will be this summer! (dates unspecified). It will be titled “Kimeru Land.”He’ll be playing twice in Tokyo, and also in three other places, one of which was Fukuoka but I can’t remember the other two. He said that it will be like a “Kime Matsuri” during the daytime and the concert will be held in the evening. He didn’t really specify what he meant by this, but there was a lot of girls cheering and/or going “ehhhhh!!!!” in this ‘I can’t believe you this is so awesome and though I don’t understand it sounds neat’ voice! (they use it a lot XD)
3- For this concert, he’s been working on a new song titled “Voyage” (spoken in the french way, ‘voy-aji’). He doesn’t know when the single will be released but he’ll play it for us today! (lots of cheering) “Do you know what the true meaning of an ark is?”

After this, he launched into Key of Life, and then Feel my Soul. And then, as promised, Voyage. Voyage was hip, sexy, upbeat, and downright catchy! It’s a fast song in the tradition of Pleasure of Love and You’ve Got Game! I can’t WAIT for the single!!! OMG! It was really REALLY REALLY good!! And the fact that he kept gyrating his hips to the music and/or thrusting them made it all that much better!!!! :O

After this he turned up the notch one more point and launched into You’ve Got Game again!! Only this time, the tops of the background props spit fire!! Fire, more sparklies being shot into the audience, and a sweaty Kime directing us to clap, bounce, jump (at the end), and more was AMAZING. Kime + fire = GOD. This would have been the perfect end, but the audience was still clamoring for more, and so he stood around and talked for a little while, and then said that this would be his last song.. He sang Song for you, or rather.. made the audience practice and practice and then sing our parts, and he sung the main chorus. It was perfect, and wound us down a bit. Amazing. I didn’t want to go, but the way that he did it let u s know that it was over. Kimeru………. is love. He was charismatic, hyper, flying all over the stage, dancing with the band members, pulling up his shirt to show off his beautiful stomach, and oh so much more.

Amazing. I’m still on a Kime high. I think I made a new friend, too? I looooooove meeting new people!! =^__^=

Kimeru…. wow, I’m still on a Kimeru high. He was shiny, sparkly, sexy, and charismatic all rolled into one beautiful well-groomed package! Overall the concert was fun, exciting, and downright amazing. I think I had one of the best times of my life today during that concert. I can’t WAIT for the next one!!

What I didn’t mention in my review, was.. oh, wait, pictures first!


Here was the venue. Not very exciting on the outside, no. Nobody but us was this early. x.x


These are the girls that were playing para-para. I still wasn’t used to seeing Shibuya girls, even though I had been in Japan for almost nine months now!


Girls started to arrive…


A few more…


And then there were, like, a gajillion people!


And here is the famous Kimeru, a shot taken from the pamphlet. :3

Okay, what I didn’t write about was what happened while we were waiting for the concert to start.

There were a few girls milling around, and we had taken a spot on the pavement to lounge around, waiting for the doors to open. Suddenly, a blonde guy walks up to the building, looks at the sign, and then hesitates, before going in.

He looks lost.. We started wondering if maybe we should give him a hand. With all of these girls around, surely he was in the wrong place.

He’s probably asking for directions.

When this guy reappeared outside some minutes later, we approached him, sure that he was lost. Absolutely sure. He’d probably appreciate some help.


Well, he appreciated our conversation, but he wasn’t lost! It turned out that he, Greg, was super-friendly, and there because he was a friend of Kimeru, and he’d come to see his concert on invitation! We couldn’t have been more shocked! Greg was from France, but fluent in both English and Japanese, and the first gay guy that I met in Tokyo (that I was aware of) I got his email address, and the funny thing is, Greg and I have remained friends from that very day. We hit it off really well, and when I decided to try my luck in the lesbian/gay bars, he was the one who showed me the ropes. Not that I ever met anyone there that was my type (too bad)! When he moved away to China, I stayed in his apartment while I visited Beijing, and we went on a jaunt around the country together (with his bf). Greg, actually, has been one of the most supportive people that I’ve ever met. Whenever I need some advice on my art, he’s always there to lend an ear.

I can’t tell you how much I love the guy. <3 As a friend, I mean!

As for Kimeru– no, I never met him through Greg, though I did meet him through other friends much, much later on. But I was never friends with him for that. Greg and my friendship is one of those rare ones where you really adore and trust someone, even though you’ve just met. I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe a bit like mine and Edas. ^^

It’s crazy, though, isn’t it? ^^

I do believe that it’s about my bedtime! I’ll ink a bit and then hit the hay! See you tomorrow, you guys! I’m so happy to be on the verge of getting something real out to you guys– something that you can hold in your hands! It’s a bit like a love letter from me to you, I guess you can say. 🙂 Soon, soon!! Oh, I’m so excited!!

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