Cloudera Subscription Agreement

Customers and developers can access our products with a subscription contract with Cloudera. We will have partner development subscriptions for developers through our Cloudera Connect partnership program and free short-term (unsurpassed) test subscriptions via Cloudera.com. 1.5 The Data Directive is the Cloudera Directive, available on www.cloudera.com/legal/policies.html, which can be updated from time to time by Cloudera. For the purposes of these conditions, all references to the “customer” contained in the data directive are understood as references to partners. 1.11 The “program” refers to the Cloudera Connect partnership program as described at www.cloudera.com/partners/cloudera-connect-partner-program.html. Tariff metrics meet cloud consumption and subscription standards for data management and analysis. It reads very generously, but it`s different – from today`s state – things are a little different. What`s missing here? Current free versions of the CoH and HDP (or future CDP) are missing. The statement seems to be formulated with great care, but what it really says is that to use Cloudera software in production, you need a paid subscription contract. Only customers, test users and developers can access the products. www.cloudera.com/content/cloudera-content/cloudera-docs/Licenses/Third-Party-Licenses/Third-Party-Licenses.html As used in this FAQ, a “license” refers to the legal agreement on the use of Cloudera software by a customer, for example.B. DIE ASL or AGPL. On the other hand, a “subscription” refers to the conditions of access to this software and the support, advice and training services they can accompany.

No no. Current customers are not required to sign new contracts as a result of this change. Existing subscription agreements are used and access to Cloudera products requires click-through conditions or a new order form with conditions to meet the new policy. 1.10 “Privacy Policy” refers to Cloudera`s privacy policy, which is available www.cloudera.com/legal/policies.html and can be updated from time to time by Cloudera. Yes, the source code is provided according to the corresponding open source license. Customers who have an active subscription contract for CDP Private Cloud or CDP Data Center software have the option of accessing the CDP source repositories that Cloudera hosts. 1.2 “affiliated” refers to a legal entity to which a party, directly or indirectly, exceeds fifty per cent (50%) 2000. shares or voting rights or controls or is under common control with this legal person. For the purposes of this definition, “control” means direct or indirect possession of the power to direct or base a company`s management and policy, whether by ownership, administrative arrangement, contract or any other means. Such a company is considered an affiliate only for once, as these interests or controls are maintained. 9.4 Full agreement; No renunciation; Salvatorische.

This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces any previous communications, assurances, agreements and agreements, written or written, between the parties with respect to this matter.

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