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16.4 If you believe that there is a violation of your intellectual property rights or that you have been the subject of a defamatory statement, please inform us immediately at the address below and provide us with: (i) written and verifiable confirmation that you are acting or are for the ip right holder or the person claiming defamation; (ii) the nature of the offensive material, including its location on the site; (iii) your full name, phone number and address, including any email address; (iv) a statement from you that the claim is just and true to your knowledge and faith. Claims notifications are e-mailed to external.dataprotection@baesystems.com or written to: Chief Counsel Intellectual Property – Technology Law, BAE Systems plc, Warwick House, PO Box 87, Farnborough GU14 6YU, United Kingdom. 1.2 If you have any questions, complaints or comments on the site, you can use us via webmasterplc@baesystems.com the “Contact” feature on the site or alternative addresses in paragraph 16. These terms and conditions are the conditions under which this website www.baesystems.com (the “site”) is made available to you (“you” or “your”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully before you start using the site. When you access the site, you declare that you accept the terms of use and that you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms, please forgo the use of the site. 9.2 To set up a link to the site, you must provide us with such a link in writing in advance by sending us an email at webmasterplc@baesystems.com 16.3 if you wish to use material on the website other than the one mentioned above, please contact external.dataprotection@baesystems.com. From time to time we may provide links to other websites (through advertising or other means).

We do not provide reciprocal links to third-party sites simply because they have linked us. These links are provided only for your simple reference and information. We do not control these third-party sites and are not responsible for their content.

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