Tulsa Achieves Agreement Form

The FAFSA must be completed as soon as possible. FaFSA now opens on October 1st for the following academic year and uses the previous year`s tax information, thus excluding all reasons to wait. You should use the IRS Data Retrieval tool within FAFSA for the quickest and simplest processing. Please log on to the MyTCC 2020-2021 Financial Aid and Scholarships dashboard, student needs page, where you`ll find the Tulsa Achieves program form that awaits you if you haven`t completed it. Starting in April 2020, you will find complaint forms for satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in the Financial Aid Dashboard on MyTCC. Visit the “Missing Requirements” section of your financial dashboard to view, complete and submit SAP claims electronically. Students who appeal agree to abide by the conditions set out in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Agreement (SAP). Students are encouraged to complete the Tulsa Achieve application process as soon as possible. Steps include filling out a TCC web application for admission, filing a free application for federal student assistance (FAFSA), filling out a Tulsa Achieves contract form, enrolling and participating in the new student orientation, and filing ACT scores and final transcript of the bachelor`s degree. Complete the additional application below for the OSU-Tulsa/My Dream Continuation scholarship will be taken into account.

If you`re having trouble viewing the form below, click here to open it in a new window. For questions about the program, please contact admission@tulsacc.edu or (918) 595-8000 For volunteer questions, please contact volunteer@tulsacc.edu As soon as they are completed, please “sign” the form with your electronic PIN. The Tues Admissions Service is proud to offer university scholarships to outstanding students in the classroom. Scholarships are usually based on a student`s average, final curriculum and academic results. Please click here for more information on scholarships for transfer student participation for the year 2021-2022. Apply to fall 2019, spring 2020 and summer 2020 class of 2021 high school graduates residing in Tulsa County, please complete the class of 2021 Convention form. There are a number of steps students must take to register, including completing an application, sending your final transcripts and filling out the FAFSA. Tulsa Achieve`s funding is based on the length of stay during a student`s high school years. For students who did not live in Tulsa County during the four school years, Tulsa Achieves pays a percentage of a student`s balance. To be eligible for Tulsa Achieves, you must reside in Tulsa County at the time of high school.

Close the free application for federal study assistance, which should be considered for financial assistance. The Tulsa Achieves program covers up to 63 hours of credit or three years at TCC — depending on the first. The deadline for applications for 2020 has been closed. If you are a 2020 High School graduate living in Tulsa County and you think you are eligible for the program, please follow these steps.

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