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Living Tall in Japan, part 43

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*sigh* So, as I said yesterday, something terrible happened when I moved into the guest house.

I’d moved out partly because I was changing jobs, but mostly because my roommate was absolutely awful. She smothered me, she insisted on smoking in the doorway just to annoy me, when smoking was expressly forbidden in the apartment by our company, and she was even hiding the toilet paper and stealing my food.

When I moved out, I was sure that I was rid of her, once and for all.

But no.

One day, I came into the common room, heading to the kitchen, and stopped cold in my tracks. There she was, in all of her 60 year-old glory, sitting on the lap of a man with a guitar.


So, this was why she had left her husband back in Australia to care for their house?

Oh, no. I was told, right there, that this was her husband. He’d just arrived from Australia, and arrived to stay in the very guest house that I had been staying at for the last week.

OF ALL THE. HOW COULD I GET AWAY FROM THIS WOMAN?! She spent every night there for two weeks, and after that, she disappeared. Maybe she moved out with him. Maybe they both went back to Australia. I have no idea, and I didn’t care because I was finally free and never, ever saw her again!

Still, though, I wonder if it was really a coincidence, or if someone had had a hand in moving him into the very place that I was not living. I don’t know. I suppose that I will never know.

At least there were other things on my mind, much happier things.

Hehee, this is a very short post today, but I am glad to mentally close the chapter of my life that dealt with that horrible roommate! I had some experiences with irritating housemates yet to come, to be sure, but after this woman, I feel confident in saying that I can pretty much handle anything! 😉

See you tomorrow for some more exciting stories from my first year in Japan! 😉

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