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Living Tall in Japan, part 34

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March 7, 2005.

A quest that Eda, Erin, and I had started on Christmas eve came to a close.

I didn’t want to mention this until I got to the finding part, in order to keep it all a surprise. You see, on Christmas eve, the three of us had been wandering around Tokyo, looking at lights, and also looking for something. We wanted to find the elusive, mystical, illegal used-panty vending machine.

It’s one of those things that you hear about. Oh, wacky Japan, where girls sell their used underwear so that perverts can buy it, and… do whatever they do with it. Idon’twannaevenknow.

Shops like this used to be popular, but nowadays they’re quite underground, and even more underground are the illegal used-panty vending machines. Japan sells EVERYTHING in vending machines, from pantyhose to collectible dolls, to men’s ties. You can even buy corn and rice, out in the countryside. But used panty machines were no longer legal.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, though! Eda had heard from a coworker about the existence of one a short walk from Kokubunji station, which is on the west side of Tokyo, quite out in the suburbs. Excited that our quest might finally be at an end, Eda, Erin, and I gathered and sought out the shop.

The shop itself was easy to spot.. sort of. There’s definitely something strange about it from the get-go, since the orange sign for the store says “Cleaning,” as in dry cleaning. And yet, below that on the closed shutter, it has a sign advertising DVDs.

Yeah, there is nothing normal about this store. We entered, and the entire store was just a bare room with vending machines selling porn. Seriously.There were men in there too, buying things, but no visible shopkeeper, but I felt a bit awkward taking photos, so I snapped them very quickly and unobtrusively.

These “shorts” (really, panties and speedos) were actually clean, so not what we were looking for.


Porny magazines and DVDs… but still nothing all that unusual. I mean, okay, porn in a vending machine is a bit unusual in most parts of the world, but no used panties yet…

And then, in the far back corner of the shop, tadaaaaaaaaa!!!

The sign proudly proclaims that each package contains the bra and panties worn by the girl in the photo.

We found it!

Not that any of us wanted or needed used panties (ew!). We are all women and can make our own………
Okay, that was gross, I’m sorry!

I’m sorry that I didn’t delete that comment. It is true, though!

It was just one of those things that we wanted to see for ourselves. Consider find a used-panty vending machine ticked off of the bucket list. 😉

Tomorrow, I’m going to introduce you to my second-worst roommate ever. And I suppose that I should say something about my first, too. You can’t get along with everyone, I guess!

See you tomorrow!! *^__^*

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