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Living Tall in Japan, part 26

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You’d think that the scary knife fight in the train would have convinced me to go home, but I was determined to stick it out. I needed my manga and doujinshi, after all! I was shook up, but not enough to spend Christmas night wandering the city with my friends Eda and Erin. We had Chinese food, saw Christmas lights at Tokyo station, and then, because it was the most hilarious thing that we could think of, spent the rest of the night literally walking around in the dark, looking for themed love hotels.

Love hotels, or in other words, hotels where you pay by the hour and the entire idea is to use them for a quickie, are all over the city, but we had heard that there are hotels where the rooms are themed. Everything from Gundam to “rain forest,” to “western desert,” supposedly exist. Somewhere. We were not able to find ANY of them! We didn’t want to use them. We just wanted to prove that we could find them.

Well, we weren’t able to. 🙁 Boo.

I went to my very first Comicket (THE twice-annual event for amateur artists to sell their self-made comics, or doujinshi) on the 29th. There was a heavy freezing rain falling, and so I had to stand outside in lines in super-cold weather holding an umbrella. Within seconds, my gloves were soaked through, and I was starting to get numb inside. Then, hours later, when we got into the building, it was so hot that I had to take off and carry my bulky coat. It was miserable, miserable, miserable, but I was able to get some Prince of Tennis doujinshi, so in my mind, all of the ice in the world was worth it.

Fingers would warm up anyways, right?

And then, the next day.. for the next three days, we went to try to get into the Tenimyu that I hadn’t managed to get tickets for. The one that had made the girl in front of me at the ticket machine spend 30 minutes punching in the same number, trying to get through (she didn’t). Maybe because it was my first time, luck was on my side. I don’t know. But I was on Christmas break for a week now, and spent the entire time drowning in everything a fangirl could ever want.

That is why I decided to stay in Japan. When I didn’t have to work a job that made me miserable, I ended up having the best f*cking time of my life.

I don’t usually cuss, but the emotions were so strong that I think it warrants it (although I self-censored anyway, lol). I also just realized that if I write about it in the detail that I want to, it’s going to be a really, really long post. Maybe people don’t care. If you don’t like Tenimyu, Tenipuri, or aren’t an anime fangirl, you probably won’t. But I’ll write about it next time anyway. Because it’s a part of my story. This story of my first year in Japan. 🙂

I love you all, please keep coming back, and leave me tons and tons of comments to make me all fuzzy inside! Please!!! *^__^* That’s all that I ask.

See you soon!!


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