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Living Tall in Japan, part 24

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December 13th was delightedly free of cultural faux pas, and I had a very enjoy time (as Erin put it) with my two BFFs Eda and Erin. This time was special, though, as the two of them decided that it was about time to pop my purikura cherry, so to speak. 😉

Purikura, for those that aren’t acquainted with possibly the best invention in the entire world, are sticker-photo booths. To make them, you find a purikura booth, which are usually found in a special section of a game arcade, or in their own little purikura-arcades. You can fit anywhere from 1-15 people in them, although I wouldn’t recommend more than 4 unless you want to get really cozy. You use the touch screen inside of the booth to select from multiple backgrounds and borders, and then pose for photo after photo, all taken with virtually no time to prepare.

After that, you move on to a video screen outside of the photo booth (so that another group can go in), and laugh at all of the stupid poses and expressions. You choose a few designs to keep, and can scribble on them, add stickers, change hair color, and all sorts of things. The latest models even enlarge your eyes for you, so that the person with the tiniest eyes in the world can come out looking like a victorian doll. Oh, it also usually brightens your skin tone, probably because light skin is super-prized in Japan. Pasty? You probably qualify as a supermodel. 😉

So, uh.. the purikura booth that we went into had this, um.. thing hanging down from the ceiling. I don’t know what it was actually supposed to be. Purikura is *supposed* to be innocent, harmless fun (although it’s often not). But the point is that it’s supposed to be. So I am guessing that this, despite what it looks like, is *not* supposed to be male genitalia. It is probably supposed to be a pink, fleshy palm tree trunk.. or something.

Any guesses what it could possibly have been a prop of??? Because I really have no idea what it was supposed to be. I’ve never seen it again, either, and trust me, I’ve taken a billion purikura. A whole ton of them.

I’m ending today’s post here because tomorrow’s deserves one of its own. Tomorrow is another serious wtf moment. So, so much blood. There was so, so much blood. It’s a wonder that I didn’t hop on a plane back to the US.

Oh, and my first time eating natto. It’s not related to the blood. Not directly, anyway!

See you tomorrow, I hope! ;D

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  • Ana

    Adorable pictures! That looks like a fun way to rbeemmer an afternoon.Does it only work for women? I would love to do a picture with my son next time we go to Japan. Hopefully, it will be fall 2013 or spring 2014!

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      Purikura only take a few minutes, so you can’t really spend a whole afternoon on them. 😉 And some places ban men from entering. But especially in Shibuya there should be a few places to pick from that will let your son come in with you! Of course, if he is still really young then there shouldn’t really be a problem. It’s just that sometimes men come in and hit on women, and they want to stop that from happening. That’s why some places ban them.

  • KC

    wtf?! omg. dirty purikura… lol, now THAT is something i’ve never done! and i’ve done a LOT of puri! XD omg, what WAS that thing?! *dies laughing*

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      Unless it’s actually a penis, I have no idea! And ideas what it might have been??? Surely it can’t have been that!

      And I’ve seen a lot of images on the internet of naked people in purikura. Apparently that’s one reason men are banned in many places, lol.

      • KC

        I don’t know… i’m thinking maybe a prop that broke?? like, there used to be old machines which chairs and poles and stuff that you could do special designs with…

        lol. that doesn’t surprise me… i have making-out purikura, but not naked ones! thankfully! XD

        • Jamie Lynn Lano

          I wonder if those girls taking the naked purikura realize that their photos are kept and then shown as examples when people aren’t using the booth? I’ve seen them there before, to my shock. XDD

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