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Living Tall in Japan, part 18

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Today, I said that I would talk about the other most-WTF-worthy thing that had happened to me in Japan, but upon trying to figure out when it happened exactly, I realized that there was and a lot leading up to it all (and also another seriously WTF incident). So, let’s build up slowly. It’s worth the wait, I promise!

After my encounter with the old man penis-waggler, I wasn’t sure what to make of Japan any more. Would you be? I still couldn’t believe it. I mean, I am an adult so it’s not going to scar me for life, but young children walk along that street, and should not have to be subjected to that sort of spectacle. Ew. It’s also never appropriate. Ever. No. He freaking waggled his bare naked penis at me! It’s not like I was watching a movie or at a male strip bar. I was walking along a nice residential neighborhood street. 🙁 I don’t want naked penises (penii?) waggled or waved, or even just exposed to me without consent.

It might have been in an attempt to make myself feel better, but I started writing down some of the funny things that my Japanese students said in our English classes, and those I will share with you today! All of these students are anonymous, and trust me, I’ve made my share of blunders in Japanese hat set many a friend laughing uncontrollably (or even caused a problem), so let’s just laugh at ourselves good-naturedly. After all, life is funny! 🙂

Actual Nova lessons.

“She is straight.” (she was supposed to say “She has straight hair”). I tried not to laugh, and invariably failed. But I laugh a lot with my students so it’s usually easily covered up. With that low level student, I couldn’t take the time to explain why “She is straight” isn’t a distinction that she can make just by looking at a picture.  XDD

“Well I like Kerry because Bush is stupid. Is that okay?”  Me: *bursts out laughing* “That’s perfectly okay! Yours is the best response I’ve ever heard.”

“You mistook the spell. What’s wrong with you?” one student said to another student. I couldn’t help it, I laughed so hard! ^^;;; We were practicing apologies and that student was supposed to be reprimanding her employee (the other student) for misspelling an important customer’s name on their bill.

Today at school it was the time of weirdness… at least in my first class, which had three students in it, one of whose name was Fukuyo. Of course, my mind is starting to laugh, but I wasn’t going to say anything. It turns out that I didn’t have to, because she followed up her introduction by saying that she has to change her name when she goes travelling in America because , quote, “my name sounds like… well..” *whispers* “American cuss word.” I cracked a smile, thinking of that scene from Austin powers 3. I didn’t need to bring it up, because one of the other students brought it up right then! We all had a good laugh. XD Me more than the others, I think. ^^;;

Funny phrases from the last few days include:
“She has body of nice shape” (when a student was trying to describe what she thought of a famous actress)
A group of students trying to pronounce “anenome”. It went something like this: “aneeeenahmeee, anonymyyy, enenenmeeeo” (We were discussing Finding Nemo)
“May I confirm your order?” (one student was trying to ask another, who was supposed to be the US president, what his duties were for the day… it was sooo fast-food)
(A male student talking about his wife) “He wanted me to go shopping for suitcases” I asked him if his wife was a man and he laughed really hard. XDD The students all have good senses of humor at least. ^^

My coworkers thinking up awesome lessons. Or eating lunch.

I was starting to find the joy in teaching after two months, and getting into the swing of things (despite the horrible encounter). My job could have been worse. It paid fairly well, especially for an entry-level job right out of college, and I was able to live in Japan. I was fairly sure that I could make it for a year, but as you’ve seen before, my emotions tend to swing on the drop of a hat. Back then it was much worse.

The Prince of Tennis anime was also airing on tv, on a day that I could watch it as it aired. When I found that out, I started to have one thing to look forward to every week, and it was golden. It was also my favorite part of the series, the part with Kevin in it. :3 Nfu nfu nfu!!

There is still lots more to go, so keep tuning in! <3

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