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Living Tall in Japan, part 17

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October 14, 2004.

Almost one month to the day from my arrival in Japan, I finally decided that I needed to get to studying, so I bought a book called Japanese for Busy People. Since I had a lot of days where I would get home at 10 pm, and then have to be at work again at 9 am with an hour’s commute, I figured that I was one of those busy people and this would help me absorb Japanese much more quickly. Yes, I still labored under the delusion that simply being in Japan would infuse me with fluency before too long.

On the 16th, I finally had a chance to meet Andrew, after our cancelled dinner plans the other night thanks to the typhoon. We walked around Mizonokuchi station, and listened to the street musicians. There was one nice girl named Yuko, and a small boy band, whom we donated a few hundred yen for copies of their homemade singles. The next weekend, Eda showed me the real Akihabara, we ate at a restaurant that served bukkake noodles (seriously!), and bought so much anime stuff that I was in danger of running out of money!

Sorry that it’s blurry, I had a terrible camera back then. But bukkake noodles! Eww!

I was spending as much time as possible with friends, and trying to study Japanese, but that still didn’t prepare me for what happened one of these fall afternoons as I was walking to the station. One of the scariest, and most wtf-worthy things to ever happen to me.

I was walking along a street like this, in broad daylight.

I was barely on time for work, hurrying down the narrow Japanese street on the 20-minute walk to the station. I’d barely even arrived in Japan still, and the country was still a wonder and a mystery at the same time. The air was hot with the end of summer and beginning of fall. As I walked, an old man came walking down the street, walking toward me , and I noticed that, like many other people, he was staring at me.

Only, unlike other people, he didn’t look away when I caught his eye. Strange. Then I noticed that his hand was moving in front of him, and I looked down.

I wish that I hadn’t.

The old man had his penis in his hand and he waggled it at me. In broad daylight.


What do you do when something like that happens to you?! What are you supposed to do?

I was so shocked that my knees went weak, and I hurried to the station, looking for the police. I didn’t see anyone. I made it to work 45 minutes later and collapsed in a chair. I was shaking.

I’d just never seen anything like this before! Was this a taste of what Japan was to become for me? Was this a country where this was acceptable? I don’t know, really, because two months later, something even stranger happened to me.

What was this crazy country that I’d gotten myself into?!?!

And tomorrow, I will tell the other story. I even have photographic proof, and it’s very much nsfw! So please excuse the crudeness, but you are going to want to hear it if you haven’t already! (PS: I am over the shock now. It only took me nine years :3 )

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