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Living Tall in Japan, part 5

☆ Continued from part 4.
☆ To see all of the parts in this series, click here. :)

Before I regale you with tales of my descent into anime madness and you are confronted with the eventual Japan-isn’t-what-I-thought-it-would-be posts, I thought that I would share some observations about Japan that I wrote after less than two days in Tokyo. It’s so interesting to see what has changed since then!

Here they are, a list of interesting things that I noticed about Japan 2 days into my stay. ;D Copied word for word.

Interesting things I’ve noticed:

-To turn the kitchen faucet on, you push down on the handle…. O_o
-I’ve hit my head on the doorway to my room because I’m just barely too tall for it ^^;
-In some of the train stations, the toilets are recessed into the floor.. O_o So you have to squat.. and I can’t. My legs don’t want to. They also play scary music of a stream and birds to cover up the peeing sounds if you push a button ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;
-The toilets flush by pulling UP on the handles O_o, and the one in my apartment has a little faucet built into the lid of it. O_o
-We have a tiny bathroom with just a toilet, a shower/bath that is an entirely different room, where the whole room is a shower, and another one that’s a sink and counter and stuff. O_o
-There are TONS of cute girls and boys in school uniforms in the morning and evening!!!!!!! <3<3<3
-NOBODY looks you in the eyes on the street. They look away or at the street, and nobody smiles. >.> Except the foreigners.
-I HATE THE HUMIDITY! >.> It’s only in the 70s most of the time, but sooo humid that you sweat buckets the moment you go outside. ^^;; And there is no central air or heat. Just space heaters and fans, and an AC in the living room.

-Oh… and language is a barrier, don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. ^^;; It’s hard, but an adventure.. I like it, and yet I miss home and friggin Walmart of all things. O-o




Hahaa, omg! I got so used to the low doorways that I now automatically duck when I enter a room… even when I don’t need to!

Separated baths and toilets are the BEST IDEA IN THE WORLD! I miss that now, actually. That way, someone can go to the toilet and not smell up the rest of the bathing facilities/sink. Plus, did you know that when you flush, it sends particles of water (and urine and fecal matter) into the air? I ALWAYS try to close the lid, and this is why I use toilet paper to cover my hand when touching any door latches or handles when in a public rest room. You don’t want this stuff floating all over your tooth brush!

Awww, I can remember when seeing school uniforms seemed like a novelty. Oh, those were the days. <3

I am also grateful that my first apartment was fairly well insulated for Japan. It held a little bit of heat. After I moved out, I rarely felt warm again.

I think that I will keep going for a few days with these posts! If not longer. I’m sort of stuck in nostalgia-land, and really enjoying the trip down memory lane! Oh, and the book is halfway done editing. I am not really ready to relive the emotional parts of my Tenipuri story one more time, but I will have to do it! Once this book is released, I can start collecting the funds to get moved off to Hawaii (I also need new contacts! ;D), and I can also get to work full-time on my manga! <3

So, in the interest of getting  a little bit more editing done before bed, I will bid you adieu for now, and see you tomorrow!

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  • zoomingjapan

    You’re taking me with you to nostalgia-land. Although I’m still in Japan, it makes me remember the first few days when I was in Japan.
    It’s so much fun reading about these things. Keep going! ^^

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      Thank you!!! ^o^ The response has been pretty good so far, and I’m having a great time writing, so I’ll keep going for a while! 😀 Plus, my daily life is mostly dealing with family (boring), editing, and the occasional geocaching right now. There isn’t much to talk about, I’d much rather write about the past! 😀 I’ll probably write about it often until I start traveling/move to Hawaii. 😀

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