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Manga competitions – Shonen JUMP’s Treasure contest

The 40th Shonen JUMP Treasure new mangaka contest You can find a bigger scan here.

When Hisashi Sasaki, the Deputy Director of Shueisha, talked about JUMP Treasure a few months ago, I asked my followers if they would be interested in me talking about it. The answer was “yes” all across the board. 🙂

Keep in mind that I’ve never entered Treasure myself!
But all of the information is publicly available, if you know where to find it. It also would help to be able to read it, since most of it is in Japanese, which I can help you out with 🙂

There is an english page for Treasure. It is here: http://www.shonenjump.com/e/manga-shou/treasure.html

But it only gives the bare minimum of information. It’s most likely because, in all honesty, I don’t think that Shonen JUMP has any interest right now in publishing anything by someone who can’t read Japanese. It sounds harsh, and I would have hated to hear that if I was sitting abroad wanting to enter. But Sasaki himself said on twitter: Our manga awards are open for everybody, but, sorry, in Japanese only for now. We are not capable to evaluate non-J manga properly yet.

If you want to enter, though, I say NEVER FEAR! Just get (or pay) someone to translate for you into Japanese and try your luck! I’m sure that they’d find someone to help them work with you if you showed them something that they couldn’t resist! (Do, there is no try.)

So, back to the contest.

First, let’s go through the advertisement.

I scanned this myself from last year’s Shonen JUMP October 25th issue. The contest is obviously long over, but I still have this issue hanging around because I was printed in it. (I worked on Konomi-sensei’s one-shot Moonwalker) Obviously this one is far over, but I thought you’d like to see the ad anyways. 🙂

This whole page is an interview with this month’s judge, in this case Akatsuki Akira, the artist (but not author) of Medaka Box. So let’s move on.

The left side is far more exciting, as it outlines the guidelines! There is a website for the contest, but it’s not even mentioned on the page, so really, all of the information that you need to enter is right here!

The box says:
This is what’s awesome about J-Treasure!
☆ There is a prize awarded every month, without fail!! Every manga that is worthy of one will be awarded a prize!! It’s your big chance!! Challenge it!!
☆ We hold a twice-yearly awards ceremony!! Those who are chosen are invited to participate in the awards ceremony in Tokyo, held twice a year!!
☆ The judge is someone who is a JUMP author!! The judges are mangaka currently writing series in Jump!! You don’t get a chance like this every day!!
☆ You’ll get the “Special edition Manga-making book!! Those who want it, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope of 580 yen!! (I assume you’d need a lot higher postage if you want them to send it abroad)
☆ The useful evaluation sheet!! Comments from the evaluation of the winners y the judge and the editorial department!! A must-see!!

That’s all here.
They sure use a lot of exclamation marks. 🙂 So, let’s move on.

This deals with what we all want to know most; PRIZES!! (Yay! \(^o^)/)

It says:
Supporting your dream!! Huge prizes!!
☆ Those who are ranked just below the finalists still get 10,000 yen!!
☆ Finalists get 50,000 yen!!
☆ Honorable mentions: 300,000 yen plus your work published on the JUMP homepage!!
☆ Semi-finalists: 500,000 yen plus your work published in either Shonen JUMP or one of the brother magazines!!
☆ Winners: 1,000,000 yen plus your work published in either Shonen JUMP or one of the brother magazines!!

Sounds good to me!

This panel says at the top: You can bring your manga in in person too!! (more exclamation points!)

Next to the map are the directions to Shueisha’s offices. (I’ve been there twice, quite a long time ago :))
An 18-minutes walk from JR Suidobashi station.
A 2-minute walk from exit A1 of Jinbouchou station (Hanzomon line, Toei-shinjuku line, Toei-mita line).

The black excited-looking speech-bubble says “IT’S RIGHT HERE DUDE!” (Forgive my translation skills. But that’s really what it sounds like in Japanese.)

And in case you can’t tell, the numbers at the bottom are the phone number 🙂 If you want to call from abroad, you need to add +81 to the beginning. 🙂

This last, lovely box adds the most relevant information, like size, page count, deadline… Oh, things that you just might want to know. 🙂

The date is the big announcement at the top. This is October of last year, so it’s far from over. But not to fear: Treasure is a monthly contest!! So, every single month ever, rain-or-shine, you can enter! If you miss one month’s deadline, no sweat! Just enter the following month! And so on 🙂

So let’s see, what does it say:

(from the right)
Entry Rules
Paper size:
As is shown in the picture below, 1.2 times bigger than the size that Shonen Jump is published at. (230-260mm by 330-365mm)
Number of Pages:
Story manga → 31 or 45 pages.
Gag manga → 15, 19, or 31 pages.
★ We cannot return any original submissions. Please make copies before you send them in.
The end of the month. In the case of October, this is the 31st. (Anything postmarked by the date is eligible).
Prize money and Prizes:
★ Winners: 1,000,000 yen (after taxes) + an award certificate + commemorative plaque + 100 sheets of special manga paper designed for JUMP.
★ Runners-up: 500,000 yen (after taxes) + an award certificate + 100 sheets of special manga paper designed for JUMP.
★ Honorable mentions: 300,000 yen (after taxes) + an award certificate + 100 sheets of special manga paper designed for JUMP.
★ Everyone down to the level just below the finalists: 50,000 yen (after taxes) + 50 sheets of special manga paper designed for JUMP.
★ Manga chosen from this group for a judge’s award will be displayed on the Shonen Jump homepage.
Prize money will be sent by mail (cash), or directly deposited into a bank account of your choosing within two months.
★ Everyone will be sent the special instruction book, special manga scale, and information paper.
★ Everyone in the level just below this will be sent 10,000 yen as an encouragement to keep trying!
★ The special-edition manga making book is something necessary for those wanting to become mangaka! Those who want one, please send a 580 yen self-addressed stamped envelope with their manga.
★ The awards ceremony will be held twice a year.
★ Judging will be done by artists currently writing series in JUMP, and the staff editors.
■ Address:
〒101-8050 東京都千代田区一ツ橋 2-5-10
集英社「少年ジャンプ」編集部 JUMPトレジャー新人漫画賞係
(I suggest that you print out the japanese, or copy it onto the envelope.)
■ Date of the announcement (in this case, it was December 2010).
■ Warning: On the back of the last page, please write your name, age, address, occupation, phone number, and a brief personal history (resume, CSV). All prize-winning entries become the property of Shueisha (with regards to publishing rights).

So, there you have it!

By the way, there is a japanese homepage for Treasure here:
It pretty much says the same thing as above 🙂

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(The next competition I write about will be one for a shoujo magazine!)

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  • bobu

    my dream is to be a mangaka from little. i also know japanese to speak. i am 13 years.iam an indian. what is the email address to deliver my manga

  • Angel

    I have a question:

    If my entry were to have won and became Shueisha’s property, would that mean I would no longer be able to continue making it if I planned on it becoming a series? Is there any say that the author has in any of the matters? I’m just curious is all since I’ve never done this before but I find both creating manga/stories and this competition both very intriguing.

    Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

  • Takashi Kazuya

    Hey Jamie, thanks for the above reply. I have another query. So do you know Shonen Jump/ Shueisha’s number? It wiuld be a great help. Im thinking if contacting them before sending my next manuscript.

  • Takashi Kazuya

    HI Jamie,
    I’m really crazy about being a mangaka and have sent in a manuscript for the Treasure. But I’ in India and I don’t get shonen jump here. So how will I know about the results.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • hassan

    Hello my name is hassan ali sajjad. I am from pakistan .i am craaaazy about being a mangaka but the only thing that bothers me is that i am a foreigner.so i have some questions .
    1) if i want to enter a competition ….is it necessary to be physically in japan.
    2) suppose if i get selected in publishing a manga so do i have to be a national citizen of japan or have to go there to write manga?
    Please guide me…i have more questions but i think this is it right now.

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      Hi Hassan,
      1) Most contests accept submission by mail, as long as they are in Japanese. Some contests accept in other languages, but you will have to see the rules for each individual one.
      2) If a company wants to hire you for a serial manga, then they will discuss the options with you. 🙂

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