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Tenipuri omake time (again)!

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I was going to write about Hawaii, but I have a list of things that I’d forgotten to write into the Assistant story sitting on my desk (so that I can put them in as I edit it into book format) and this just jumped out at me! It’s begging to be told! I still can’t believe that I forgot to put this in while I was writing! But it wasn’t in my diary from the time, so it didn’t jump into my memory until much later.

Well, please, read on and (I hope) laugh!

Working as an assistant on The Prince of Tennis, omake #2:

Do you remember back when the first chapter of Tenipuri came out in JUMP SQ, and I was so, so excited?? All of us in the studio were, especially Tamusho and I because it was our first time being published!

Well, one day right after it came out in the stores, Tamusho came back from the convenience stores with our breakfast (there’s a bento store next door to the nearby 7-11, and he’d been elected to go pick up the order we’d phoned in). He didn’t just have the food– he had five copies of Jump SQ! (How could I have forgotten this story?!?!)

“What are those for?” Kaiwa-san asked, eyeing them.

“I had this idea,” he replied, talking a million miles per hour. Obviously excited. He sat down at his desk. “You know how in Bakuman (we were all huge fans), the fate of series gets decided by the number of survey postcards that get sent in saying it’s their favorite?”


“I’m going to send in 100 of them!”

BAHAHAAA. According to Tamusho, he bought every copy of JUMP in his neighborhood when he got home and sent in the postcards. We all sent ours in, too. Apparently it did well, though, because Shin Tenipuri is still going strong! 😉

Well.. what did you think of the omake this time? I have about a billion more to slip in there, too! Still a lot of editing on the book to do, however, so I’d better get back to work! (*^o^*)

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