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Anime shopping in Japan part1 – Shibuya Animate

To be honest, when I first came to Japan, I assumed not only that anime/manga goods would be in every store, but that they would be the majority of goods in nearly every store!

I was kind of wrong about that. ^^;

There are small amounts of anime goods in a lot of stores, but unless you’re looking for a One Piece pencil or an Anpanman toothbrush, chances are that you’re going to have to go to a specialty store to get what you want. The good news is, there are a LOT of anime/manga specialty stores, as long as you know where to look!

Every so often I want to talk about those wonderful meccas of anime goods and tell you exactly where to find them. 🙂

First up is the hands-down largest anime chain store in Japan: Animate. They are all over the country, in most major cities. In Tokyo alone, there are 25 alone in the Tokyo area!

First up, the branch in the biggest hang-out area in the city: Shibuya!

Homepage: http://www.animate.co.jp/
〒150-0031 東京都渋谷区桜丘町18−4
二宮ビル B1F
Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Sakuraouka-machi 18-4
Niguu building B1F, 150-0031
Phone number: 03-5458-2454
Google maps: http://maps.google.com……..

And finally…. a tour, anyone?

There are actually two Animate stores in Shibuya. One is a manga-focused store, and the other focuses on goods and CDs.

First, let’s head off to the manga store!

You’ll need to exit Shibuya station from the West exit, and follow the map across the street.

You’ll see this building (a concert venue). (I used to see the NaB’s in concert a lot at this very tiny basement concert hall.) If you see this sign, you know you’re on the right track!

You should continue up the right-hand side of the concert hall, and you’ll see Animate up ahead on the right.


You’re there!

Go up the stairs to the right..

Let’s take a closer look at the machines outside of the door desu..

If you put monies into them, then you can get little anime goods! It’s random, though, so you’ll probably spend a lot to get the whole set..

More gachapon (goods machines).

Pictures aren’t allowed inside of the store, but I kinda of craftily took some anyways! 🙂

As you can see, this store is all about books..

If you leave the store, take a right and then the next left, and you’ll arrive at…

The goods Animate! Or otherwise known as: The real reason for coming to Animate:  Shibuya!

Venturing inside..

Right now, there happens to be  a Prince of Tennis festival going on! Lots of memories for me there..

Sexy Shiraishi (depending on yourpreferences)

Anime CDs galore!

And that concludes this tour of  Shibuya Animate.. see you next time(* ^o^*)/

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