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Working as an assistant on The Prince of Tennis p40

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Can you believe that we’re at part 40 already? Wow! Thank you so much for sticking with me so far!
So.. that thing that I mentioned yesterday? Oh, yeah… that.

It was this piece of awesomeness:

Tenipuri tte ii na. Sensei’s very first CD. The recording that I went to was for one the accompanying song Smile.

You can listen to the song here. There is also a music video for it, which is really neat, but it was only shown at JUMP Festa 2011 (and in our studio) and never released anywhere as far as I know. It’s not even on YouTube. It’s really too bad! It was filmed in a Japanese middle school and was really well done, featuring Sensei, good lighting, and neat chalkboard drawings. It seems like such a waste that something so pretty wouldn’t exist for the general public to see. I mean, Sensei dancing on stage in red pants exists on YouTube and this is a lot prettier, and when I get to that part, I’ll show it to you. 😉

Soooooo, what did we have to do exactly? Not the cover. Well, not me, anyways. Marie did the cover chibis (a designer put it all together), on Sensei’s request, and she worked very hard on it. It was fun to see what she came up with next. I even got in the mood (how could you not?) and drew a ton of my own characters.

These are the only ones that I still have copies of, though. Recognize anyone? 😉


What we all did work on, though, was the manga in the booklet. Here it is:

It was a short little comic called Kaipan no Oujisama, or The Prince of Board Shorts. I know. XD; In Japanese it doesn’t sound quite as ridiculous… wait, yes it does. XD;;

Well, despite all of our recent misgivings, Sensei liked me enough to say, “Jamie, you’re a good designer, so I want you to design the board shorts for each team, based off of their jerseys.”

Well, okay!

Now that sounded like fun!! It was a good assignment to come back to. Some of them were easy, and in some cases I did a few examples and let Sensei choose the ones that he liked. And then for fun, I did Kintarou’s and few others differently (since he had a different uniform to start with). The decision to have Sanada wear fundoushi (old Japanese-style underwear) and Atobe a speedo were brought up as jokes by Kaiwa-san and Tamusho. I don’t think anyone expected Sensei to go, “YES! That’s perfect! We’ll do that!”

It’s no wonder that some people think Sensei is gay. Maybe he is.. but that’s a story for him to tell you, and not me! 😉

When Sensei had chosen the final designs, I decided to have a little more fun with it, and I flipped through the older volumes of manga, looking for the Rokkaku beach scene that I knew was in there somewhere.. In there, I found the PERFECT ‘model’ for our new swimwear. Using him, I made a reference chart for everyone, to use as we worked on the manga.

When I gave the chart to Sensei, he laughed and said, “what is this???” It was a hit, and lifted the mood quite a lot. 🙂 When I left the studio, I made sure to take a copy with me. I love this darn thing. XD;; It didn’t hurt that the manga itself was really gay/crazy.

See Koharu’s butt? He’s saying, “Ooooooh, eat me♡”

We didn’t do any of the coloring for this manga. All that we did was draw it, and a graphics company hired by JUMP digitally colored it. It was all done within a few days all told, and we even used smaller paper (doujinshi paper).

Doujjinshi paper is B5 instead of B4 size. The smaller size makes drawing and finishing the pages faster, and most doujin artists that don’t work digitally use this paper.

The leftover paper gave Sensei an idea, though. One that only a mangaka who was such a hit could get away with…


You’ll find out what it was… tomorrow! 😉 (Are you shocked?) 😉

Stay tuned!!

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