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Konomi-sensei and me outside of the Tenimyu venueHeck yeah, a week off———–!!! I had really, really needed this.
Look! It’s Sensei and I outside of the Tenimyu building. Whee!  🙂 🙂

It gave me time to move into my tiny place, as I mentioned in the last part, and just enough time to unwind. I really needed the time to let myself rest. Although the excitement had been energizing at first, it was definitely wearing me down.

Most importantly, though, it gave me time to get ready for Tenimyu! I was the only one in the studio who really cared anymore (everyone liked it, but I was the only insanely-crazy superfan there, per se), so I met him at the venue, alone. I went straight in the back door, like a boss like part of the cast, and this might not seem like something all that spectacular, but for me it was! I’d been going to watch Tenimyu from the time that I first moved to Japan, and being treated like someone who mattered… it was like a dream come true. Sometimes I thought that if I was a boy, I would have tried out to be in Tenimyu, but since there weren’t any female cast members, this was as close as I could get. Oh well, drawing was more my style than acting, anyways! Besides, I don’t think that I would have been able to identify with most of the members, anyways. Or I would have been really yaoi with them all, and that might have gone over badly.. *coughs*

Well! What was a girl to do? Try to talk to everyone, of course!

Nobody ever said that I was a nuisance, but surely some of them thought it? I exchanged email with a few people, but only every bothered with talking with the nicest of them (Luke), and never really kept contact. Oh, and JURI? He was taller than me, so I thought that he was pretty cool. That’s pretty rare, after all. But he was actually not interested in talking at all. Who knows why?

Tenimyu venue
Here is the venue for Tenimyu. You might have guessed, but it was cold and drizzly that day.

Okay, I just totally turned on the soundtrack while I write this. It’s not exactly an amazing example of singing, but here, have some for yourself! 😀

♪♪No speed, no life. ♪♪ Osaka, naniwa Shiten ho-ho-ho-ji ♪♪
This version, from a much later, much bigger show, is better 😉

Which one do you like better? (I might as well ask!)

Anyways! Sensei and I sat sort of in the back, but nothing escapes the eyes of the girls there, and they spotted him. Everybody clapped when he was ushered quickly out of the theater at the end of the show, which was really, really embarrassing! And cool. Definitely cool. But also embarrassing. Aah! Can it really be both????

There were a lot of girls waiting outside at the back door, so Watanabe-san called me a cab to take back to the station. YAY for my first cab on Shueisha! Not my last, either! 😀

Sensei had told me at first that he’d also go to Yasuka’s play with me the next day, but I ended up going alone. That was okay, because there were lots of cool friends to make, and I also went twice: first with a Su-chan, and then with a few of my best friends! ^^

Sakura Sakura Sakura
The name of the play was Sakura, Sakura, Sakura. Recognize anyone? Also, don’t get any ideas! They’re just friends. 😛

Well, you might imagine, and I’ve said before, but all of this down-time and fun-time really helped me feel more energetic, more upbeat. I’d been up and down emotionally, as you’ve seen.  I was also wrong about Sensei’s vacation, and he was actually leaving the upcoming week, so we were rewarded with two weeks off! WOO! Thanks to the break, the TV studio decided that we should get in a bit more filming while we could, and so I had my second day of filming.. in Roppongi this time!

Filming in Roppongi
It was still hard, but I was getting used to being in front of a camera..!

Filming in Roppongi
From the top of Mori Tower.. beautiful and scary!

By the way.. the program was called Asahi Pop’n Press, and I ended up working on it for four years! Not too shabby! 😀 Is it okay to say that I was a Japanese tv star, or does that only count if you’re on a lot of different programs? I was only recognized (at least that I’m aware of) a few times over all of those years.

At the time, I was still really stressed whenever it came time to film, but I did eventually come to like it. I wouldn’t mind doing it again, especially if I was able to produce it myself! 😀 We’ll see what happens in the future!

We all trucked back into the Studio after a second week off, and for once, we started working heavily from the start! There was no waiting around for Sensei to show up and start drawing, which had started to become the alarming norm. Ahhh, how I loved it when we were working efficiently!

Around this time, Kimeru was about to release a new album, and he asked Sensei to do the art, so we got a sneak-peek:

Kimeru's album cover in-progress
Sketch to finished art.. pretty amazing, right? ^^

I still only had my tiny cell phone to check the internet, so color me surprised when I looked and after one night away from the computer, I had several thousand messages!! WHAT?!

To my shock, it turned out that livejournal had decided to spotlight my (now old) blog on their front page! :O Thousands of comments, and waaaayyyyyyy more friend-notifications came in. Whoa!

Luckily, there was only one thing of note that happened during this work week, and it happened the next day:

The next night, right before bed, Tamusho (remember him? He was the assistant hired a week before I was) looked at the page that I had just spent ten hours working on (drawing the backgrounds), and said, “Wait, the background is supposed to be different behind Oni!!”

Both Kaiwa-san and I FREAKED OUT, because nobody wanted to redo all of that work. Plus, I had been working off of Konomi-sensei’s instructions, and if I had it wrong, then he had too.

Darn you, Tamusho! He’d been wrong after all, and when we all finally calmed down, we realized that it was actually correct. I swear, I thought that I was going to die there for a moment. T________T We joked around afterwards, and Kaiwa-san said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen you panic, haha.”

To which I replied, “If it had really been a mistake then I would have died!!” We all had a good laugh, but I am so, so glad that I wasn’t mistaken.

We had another two days off, and then it was back in the studio for another week, our chance to finish up chapter 4 and maybe get a little bit more time off. Yaaaaaay. I needed it. ♡♡♡

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