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Raccoons and life


Raccoons came to “our” door! (I don’t really consider this place my home, but I am staying here until I get on over to Hawaii. Can’t beat free!)

Okay, it was a while back, before it snowed, but they were there and so freaking cute, playing around the wood pile.

Everyone hated them except for me. I love those little rascals. :3 And, I dunno, but I sorta feel happier just remembering them and the pictures that I took. They’re so cute and lovable, and I know that a lot of people say that they’re annoying pests, but this was my first time ever seeing raccoons outside of the zoo!

So for me, they were exciting. 🙂

In other news, I spent the afternoon yesterday learning some new techniques for drawing manga backgrounds using a 3D program (but not looking like it’s 3D). Hopefully it will result in faster backgrounds and a more awesome manga!! I’ll share the results when I have one that I like. This morning was spent writing the next part of Assistant Story, and a special episode entitled “What I learned about making manga working in the studio,” or something similar. 🙂 It might be a while before I have that post, but the assistant post should be ready tonight, and hopefully go up around midnight PST!

Stay tuned! And check out more pictures or raccoons in the meantime!


Aren’t they cute!!!! Leave me comments, they really make me feel good inside, and I promise to reply! <3

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Hi! This is Jamie Lynn Lano! I am a Washington State (USA) native who: ☆ Holds a Bachelors of the Arts in Media Arts & Animation from AiPx. ☆ Worked as an assistant mangaka in Japan for Konomi Takeshi on The Prince of Tennis. ☆ Was an essay columnist for Asahi Weekly from 2008-2013. ☆ Was the star of Asahi Pop'n Press on Asahi TV (Japan) from 2009-2013 ☆ Was a write for Metropolis magazine in 2010. ☆ Has kept a blog foreeeeeeeeever! First and Current blogs.


  • AmaryllisZai

    (like most) I’ve never seen raccoons out of the zoo! And they seems so cuddly like cats and rabbits! but they look more dangerous though.


    By the way, I’ve been out of loop and realise that you are back in the US. Hope you have been well ^_^

    Do take care!

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      I am so surprised that it’s common to not have seen them in the wild! I thought I was the only one!

      Oh yes, I have been resting up in the US at my mother’s. But I think that it’s almost time to move on to my next place of adventure! I am definitely raring to go!

  • zoomingjapan

    OMG! They’re so cute!
    I’ve never seen any in my life – at least not outside of a zoo.

    You are so lucky that you can live in your parents’ house. I won’t be able to do that. My father already told me he won’t accept that I live there longer than maybe 2 months. He wants me to move out ASAP and find a job.
    Well, I’ll need a job so that I can afford an apartment anyways. *sigh*

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      Me too!!! Raccoons seem like some amazing wildlife that only exists in books. XD;; This house is really in the middle of nowhere, though. XD

      Yeah, I’m very lucky that I have a place to go. Otherwise, I probably would have taken the teaching job that was offered to me in Japan, even though I would likely have withered and died under it. (I really hate teaching english) I know you’ll be able to find a job! You’re not as picky as me, and you will have a large savings. I only had about $1000, and after I bought a new laptop it didn’t go very far. 🙁

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