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Twenty-five more photos of Engrish!

Like I said in the last post, I have a bajillion photos for everyone’s amusement!

(^o^) Want some more??? You know that you do!


Oh, yum!!!! (^o^)


It’s not exactly the more egregious example of Engrish, but I do wonder who exactly is starting bonfires in the park?


Juuuuust in case you didn’t know. ^_~


Be careful! It arrives soon!


Again, this isn’t really Engrish (or any -ish), but this store seriously had something against prams! Or strollers, or whatever you want to call them! (I sympathize, I really do. In Japan, some mommies are quite lethal with their all-metal baby-holders, but aren’t you alienating a lot of women in Japan… y’know, where most girls still want to grow up to become homemakers?)


Gotta love that ramb chop!


Your guess is as good as mine what a “rental space” is. The entire sign says “Rental space tomato,” by the way. You’re welcome. (^-^)?
Actually, I jest….. this is, believe it or not, a love hotel! You know, where you go to get it on when the walls are too thin? I think that more countries need these, because I have heard far too many things from my neighbors. Then again, outside of Japan, what couples would pay $68 just to get it on, when they have a perfectly good bed at home? After all, nobody ever cares what their neighbors think! (right?)


Not just a Croset, but a wide type croset! It fits your personal spase, by the way. (^-~)


I’m not even sure where to start with this one….


Shining Boy & Little Randy. In the words of the honorable George Takei, “oh myyyyyyy.”


She swings both ways. 😉


Longer and slightly firmer. Good to know!


Jerassic Park, now Game in!


“Various expressions and a variety of personality. Continue a charming smile on your face.”


“The Pleasure I like to look up.” I prefer to research my pleasure beforehand, too.


NPC Parking lot. So, does the GM park your car for you?


My mammy is very wise. How about yours? I wonder what kind of business this is.


Anyone up for a Ding Dong game?


I prefer my carrots cold, but this might appeal to you!


Where is the Tramp when Lady needs him to provide?


I’m just curious… what was the First Off?


Naturally, this was the best of them all. 🙂


Not engrish, but in Japan, you can turn the toilet handle one direction for “small” and the other for “large.”

You only get one guess by what constitutes small and large! (^-~)


Only until 7pm, on weekday. Which weekday, I’m not sure!


Oh my, that is some mighty powerful mascara!


I have yet more where that came from! Or would you like to read more about my real life and tribulations? There are a lot of those to write about, too. I will get around to it. >.>;

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  • Davanna Carter

    Where are the updates on this fun and fascinating site? I know you’ve got stuff to do. But sometimes I sorta freak out whenever there isn’t an update and wonder, “What is J.L.L. doing?”

    By the way, how many pages a day minimum would you say you guys did while working on Prince of Tennis?

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