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On to La Push, home of the werewolves!

I promised a tour of La Push to go with my Forks Twilight tour, didn’t I? 😀 Ayooah!! (Wait, wrong book series!)

Well, I won’t lie; I was always on Team Edward. The whole romance-with-Jacob thing made me almost as angry as the fact that Edward abandoned the person that he loved the most. (Trivia: I get incredibly overreactive when it comes to books)

To me, true love is selfish and stupid, and more than anything, it is something that you never let go of, regardless of the outcome. So, yes, Edward was a bonehead. But be that as it is, you still don’t hit on a taken lady, and let’s face it.. Bella was taken, even if Edward wasn’t there.

But, well, anyways.. when the movies came along, Jacob was really good-looking and Edward.. was really ugly (but so was Bella). I still enjoy them for what they were, but the books were more of a pleasure for me than the movies. Of course, Forks and LaPush were the settings for the books, but they weren’t used as locations for the movies due to budget costs, so this is kind of perfect as far as I’m concerned! (I actually preferred the movie Vampires Suck to the real Twilight movies.. if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should! But to each their own, and that’s cool.)

I am glad that my parents live near La Push and Forks. I haven’t been here to Washington at all in seven years and I admit that I’m getting a bit of cabin fever while preparing for Hawaii, but hey.. at least there are some cool things to do! (Next, I want to go to Astoria, Oregon, which was the setting for The Goonies!)

Ehehee, in any case, La Push is only about a ten minute drive from Forks… which sort of makes the distance between the towns larger than either actual town! Although, La Push is scarcely a town, it is full of a lot of neatness!

Come along with me, werewolves! 

There is a bridge just North of Forks, and from there, you turn off onto a little side highway toward the coast. It is rimmed by deep, old-growth forest, and when we went, there was not a lot of traffic, which made it even more serene. *^^*



You wouldn’t know it from this picture on a sunny, warm day, but this is actually rainforest. It rains almost every day of the year in Forks. I hate the rain, except on those days where you can sit by a window and watch it with a cup of tea in your hands and a book in your lap, but we were lucky and the weather was gorgeous. *___*


This part of the trip is not on the map from the Forks Visitors Center, so we weren’t quite sure that this was the way to see all of the pretties.

However, quite suddenly the trees gave way, and there was no doubt that we were in the right place!



Here is the treaty line from the back. 😀 I guess we must not be vampires, since we were able to pass without raising any hackles!



Next to the treaty line is a cabin that Jacob rents out, I suppose. I hope that he doesn’t take Renesmee here alone!



Around the side of the gas station is a meter which assesses the current threat level of the person who stands beneath it.


Oops, I was found out! But whatever, I am proud of my vampire heritage!



We continued driving along Old La Push road..



Until we hit Jacob’s house! Apparently, this house was used as a location for a Twilight Parody, and when you stay here, you can sleep in Jacob’s bed, and find the notes that Bella left for him. XD;; It might be fun! (Their website is here: http://www.jacobblackshouse.com/)



Across the street, is a cabin rental place that may also have been influenced by Twilight. 😀



If you continue down the road, you start to see snatches of the beach…. It took my breath away…



And this? This is Beach 1, where Bella and her friends went out to party, and ran into Jacob and his friends. Pictures don’t do it justice!



Right next to the beach is a little Quileute store that has a “Bella’s Bulletin Board…” Whatever that is! I couldn’t find any mention of it inside! I was actually excited to go in and find a few Native-American snacks (I have no idea what that might be, to be honest..), but they only had the same types of junk food that every other convenience store in the US has. I guess that’s what everyone eats. You can’t blame me for hoping!


The thing that stuck out most in my mind was how unbelievably gorgeous the beach at La Push was. I’ve been to plenty of beaches in Washington, California, Chiba, and Okinawa, and they were all great. I always feel at home when I am on the beach, for some reason. Sometimes I think it was because I was a mermaid in my past life, even… I don’t know.

But there was something remote, wild, and yet serene about the beach at La Push. The wind was whipping heavily through my hair, and I had to tie it up and get a sweater. I even wondered if I could jump high enough, it would push me backwards.. but still, bundled in my sweater in the wind, I thought that it must have been one of the most resplendent seashores that I’ve ever set my eyes on. ♥

Well… what should I write about next? I am working on a vlog for you guys, on YouTube, although it’s not quite ready yet, but until then.. should I continue my assistant story, or do you want to hear about something else? 😀 Let me know! ♥♥♥



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