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Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour London p3

The is the continuation of my photo tour of the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour. I should say, “The Studio Tour Of Awesome.”

I was already in complete bliss from the beginning of the tour, and I wasn’t even half done!

This part contains my favorite set from the display… you know that I love detail, so can you guess what it was? It’s not necessarily the one on the right here! 😀

More photos inside! —->

So intricate!


Sherbert Lemon!


No? I guess someone changed the password… 🙁


More miscellaneous awesomeness here! I would love a bottle of Skele-Gro, just in case!

“Bone-fied Results Every Time!”


Umm, I want one! Please! Unfortunately, they were not selling life-size replicas of Harry’s trunk in the gift shop. 🙁 It probably would have been over the plane’s luggage weight limit, anyway. 🙁


Ohoho! Potions! The entire set!!


Seriously, I want a zoom lens so that I can read the labels on every bottle and see what’s inside!


There was a button that you could push that would make the cauldrons start stirring!


This was the last setup of the Potions Classroom, after Slughorn had taken over from Snape. Not that it looks any different. :3


Look at all of the detail!!!


Snape’s uniform was there, too. How could it not be?


All kinds of magical things were inside!!


Moving portraits, anybody? ;D


Some hoarcruxes, anyone? (Why does spell check always underline this stuff as I’m writing? Harry Potter words are real words too!)



And on to Dumbledore’s Office!!


It was quite tall and breathtaking!


And then, of course, Hagrid’s hut! Both the outside and inside! Hey there, Fang!


You can get a feeling for the size here. 🙂


Well now, anyone fancy a little lock-picking?


Hopefully you’re not afraid of snakes!


Kiiiiinda tall. :3



Oh, and here are some nifty gadgets!! You could get your picture taken on a broom with a background of your choice, but it was too expensive for me. Next time!!

Lupin’s suitcase isn’t shabby to me! I’d love something like that!


It actually moved while you were watching!


Yes, please!


I would also like a trunk like Moody’s. It would be heavy of course, but all I’d have to do is put it in my bag of holding and it wouldn’t be a problem!


Aaaaaaaaand, my favorite set of all!!! The amount of detail put into the Burrow was just phenomenal!!


Cheeri Owls!!! XDDDD;


The knife would chop, the pot would scrub, and the scarf in the corner would knit if you pushed the buttons. 😀


The mismatched dishes were so cute!


Who doesn’t want one of these?? I would set mine to “Taylor Swift”, so I’d always know where to find her. Is that a little stalkerish?


Death-eater masks! DO not want.


Kyaaaa!!! This was another favorite of mine!! I would LOVE to have a book of all of those graphics reproduced in detail! I heard that there are many of them in the set that costs $1,000…. I don’t happen to have that laying around, so… ^^;; (Not YET anyways! :D))


Has your letter come yet?


They should totally sell these tickets as souvenirs at King’s Cross station!


Haha! Quality Weasley Products!


I want them ALL, and OMG THE BOOKS IN THE TOP. gimme.


Soooooooooo much pink!


Ahhhh, who can forget this statue? “Muggles in their rightful place.” 🙁


Just one more part left to go!! (*^o^*) Stay tuned and comment, please! <3

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