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Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour London p2

I not only want, I really need to go back to London right now, just to go back to this!

The is the continuation of part 1 of my photo tour of the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour. I should say, “The Studio Tour Of Awesome.”

I was in awe. I want to go back. I just… I just really wish that I could go all of the time, AND that there were more things like this out there! Not the small traveling series, but ones that make the effort, put in the money to really immerse you in the world and make you feel like you were there.

Does anybody agree with me?

But in any case, THIS. THIS. THIS. THIS TOUR MADE MY TRIP. If you go to London, this is something that you absolutely, positively not miss, even if you are not a big fan. If you believe in fantasy, and want to feel like you are stepping into another, magical, world, then you need to go here!

I can’t express how amazing this tour was. <3 So, see it for yourself by clicking on the cut!

So, after the Great Hall, the MC lets you go to explore the rest of the attraction freely. I had an audio guide, and listened to maybe 1/3 of it. While the guard told you that the tour would take maybe 2 hours total, I think Miho and I spent 4 hours inside, and I only left because I felt guilty for taking so long!

After the great hall, you enter a giant warehouse with an open layout, in which you can explore in any order that you want. The closest section was a display on the screenwriters, with tapestries hanging behind them.


There were costumes and sets from the Yule Ball after this!


And then a display of the floating candles that were originally used in the great hall, but eventually replaced with digital ones. :3


Hahaaaaa, poor Ron!


It looks like real chocolate!! According to the sign, there was real food as well as this fake food on set, and the actors kept pigging out. XD


Where can I get this ice cream sundae??


Look at the little mice!! <3


Here is the ceiling set for the Great Hall. 🙂


Do you recognize this set?


I would have LOVED to be a part of this team! Maybe I will make a movie of my own with this attention to detail one day!


Ohh, do I see the gates to Hogwarts? They are much, much larger than they look!! They towered over me.


OMG!!! Now I just started to go into excitement overload!


SO CUTE!!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!! And much smaller than I expected! According to the audio guide, the beds were designed for the 11 year old actors, and so a few movies later, the beds were too small and the boys had to curl up in the beds. XD;


Look at the detail!!!! So much love went into this set! Banners of favorite Quidditch teams, themed blankets, personal items, everything!


I guess Harry and his pals got the dorm on the very top!


The back of a set. XD


This was a big display with wands used by all of the main cast members. <3


Me in the Mirror of Erised! What do you think I saw?


It’s the Fat Lady! She doesn’t open up, sadly. 🙁


There is a giant cage of various props int he center of the room. Spot any of your favorites? 😀


Ooooooh, the Ministry of Magic! <3


And the Gryffindor common room!!!! You can see how hard it was to get good pictures– there were just SO many people crowding around and pushing you.


But anyways, this set was AMAZING and full of so many little details, I could have spent forever there!


Mimbulus Mimbletonia! I think Fuji would like this. :3


Green screen on the inside of the Cloak of Invisibility!

Part 3 is coming up really soon! Stay tuned! 😀

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