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Covent Gardens and Abbey Road!

After the changing of the guard, Miho and I headed on over to Covent Garden so that we could shop (all we bought was cupcakes, though!), and then to Abbey Road!

Because how can you not?

It is really hard to get good pictures of Abbey road with cars and people clogging it all up! (^o^);;

I got some good pictures though, and it was good and fun times! Very very cold times, though!

Click through to see the stupid pictures of me failing to walk like a Beatle! XD;;


Apparently the Lion King musical was playing somewhere nearby. XD


Pretty! I still marvel over the architecture!


And they were making a giant omelette or something below. It was kind of awesome. XDDD;




My body is bigger, that is the only way that I can explain why my chosen cupcake was substantially larger than Miho’s. 🙂


We didn’t stay too long, because everything was quite expensive, and it was also very, very cold. So we went on over to Abbey Road!


There it is, the famous crosswalk! To be honest, the Beatles were before my time, but I do still enjoy their music and can sing along. I could have lived without this, but it was certainly interesting. 😀


Bahaaaaa, I had just watched (and regretted) Witches of Waverly Place on the airplane on the way to London.


So many Abbey everythings!


I actually liked this graffiti wall with a lot of personal messages scrawled on it, and the locks ont the gate. I wonder what the person who has to cut them all off feels like.. Does he/she feel sad? Indifferent?


I wanted Miho to get the right angle, but there was like 10,000 people who all got in the way, and cars that made it dangerous to stand in the middle of the road. So I will do it some other time, and this will have to be good for now!


Now..!! I only have one other place to report about in regards to London, but it’s a good one!!! Actually, it’s 1/3 of the reason that I came to London in the first place! It will be up soon! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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