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Platform 9¾

I like Harry Potter a lot. I also went to London.

So, it’s no surprise that I turned up at King’s Cross station looking for Platform 9¾! Right? I hope that it’s not, anyway!

My guidebook, which was totally awesome, did not mention that there is a real (display) Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross train station, but maybe that’s because it is too new. The Eyewitness DK guidebook series is seriously awesome otherwise though, and I cannot recommend it more!

Anyways, Miho and I started out the next day by trekking off to King’s Cross Station, where the action is! I figured that I would just sort of know where Platform 9¾ was, because, well.. between 9 and 10, right? No.

Actually, we weren’t even in the right King’s Cross station! Oops!!According to a very helpful lady working in the station, we needed to go across the street. Ok.

According to the train maps, we had arrived at King’s Cross Station, but not the right King’s Cross Station, which was across the street. It was really pretty, though. It looked like this:


I wish Tokyo or America, looked like this! I want to live in a building like this. ToT


So, anyways!

The real King’s Cross Station, the Harry Potter one anyways, was far less exciting-looking. So much less exciting that I deleted all of the pictures that I took outside of it. Oops. It was very new and pretty inside, though! Just look!


Miho and I hurried inside, expecting that Platform 9¾ would be really obvious, because.. well, why else come to King’s Cross station? (yeah, I know..) It wasn’t though. We had to look forever, before, suddenly..


TA-DAH!! I spotted it tucked in a wall off the main concourse, all lonely-like! Aw! Seriously, there was nobody there, and I felt really self-conscious running up and being all like, OMGLETMETAKEAPICTURENOW MIHO,TAKEONEWITHMYCELLPHONETOO!


We still took pictures anyway.


As soon as we hurried up, though, people just sort of rushed up out of the woodwork and surrounded us! I guess everyone was looking for it, too! I feel weird, though, because looking back, I was wearing 5 layers of clothes (I would have put more, but my coat was about to burst), and STILL freezing my butt off, but the lady in the next picture doesn’t even have sleeves. ToT Where are you from, Antarctica?!


After this, we headed out to other destinations, but pretending to push half of a shopping cart into a wall below a sign saying, Platform 9¾ was definitely a highlight for me!


More in my London Adventures coming up soon! ゚+.(ノ。’▽’)ノ*.オオォォ☆゚・:*☆

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