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The Tower of London a-go-go!

I can’t say how happy I am to hear that the Tower Bridge is often mistaken for the London Bridge! I feel that I may be counted among a good crowd of fellow clueless travelers, now. Thanks for letting me know, guys! *(^-^)*

Miho and I entered through the Tower of London‘s back door (because that’s where all the parties are, right?) and came upon a large courtyard, reminiscent of something from Labyrinth (my favorite!). It was cooooooold, but that didn’t deter the crowds!

It turns out that the courtyard was home to the castle ravens, descended from times long, long ago. It seems that they may bite, but we were lucky enough to escape that particular tragedy.

Do you want to find out what happened next? Well, then, follow me in!


Here is the courtyard of the ravens. 🙂


There were, predictably, ravens abiding in it. *^^*


Seriously, though, Ravens have not nothing on the giant crows of Tokyo! Those things divebomb unsuspecting passerby with a murderous gleam in their eyes. They’re like little muggle versions of dementorrs. I’m certain that some of them can actually suck your soul out. So, don’t let any of them get near your mouth. It’s not worth it to kiss a crow!


Inside the Tower of London, there is basically a quaint castle, a cute little village that was home to servants/employees of the crown, a raven-keeping-place, and things like a tiger pen. Apparently it was the fashion back in the day to make pets of cool animals like tigers. I don’t know about you, but my cat has already shredded my hands to ribbons (she loves to play). I don’t want to know what a tiger could do to me! Oh, yes, this is the quaint little castle in the middle, also known as White Tower.


Depending on where you look, you can see some interesting sights peeking over the walls.


And the architecture in itself is just amazing!


We went all around the complex, but the first place that we hit was the wall surrounding the Tower. You could walk up and around the perimeter on the top of the wall, much as soldiers would have done hundreds of years ago.


Each tower had a name, and a specific history to it.


One of the things that I found most fascinating, though, were the carvings into the wall. Medieval graffiti, more or less, it was somewhat awe-inspiring to imagine that hundreds of years ago, a prisoner stood in these exact locations and scratched messages into this exact stone. EERIE!


Also, LOL.


I loved the juxtaposition of old and new that came from looking out over the wall at them odern city. Cool as it is, this castle wouldn’t have a chance against a modern raid.


What time is it?


There were a LOT of people, despite the frigid temperatures. The weather was lovely, though! Scarcely a cloud in that clear blue sky!


There were a lot of statues around the courtyard, to represent the animals that had been kept there at various times in the past. Imagine walking through the castle courtyard and having a monkey just randomly walk past you. Ooookayyyyy. ;D


Anyone else want to live in a castle? Raise your hand!

Also in the wall was a small, cave-like room. Inside of which was the rack. You know what I’m talking about, right? THE RACK. That famous one which was actually rarely used, but somehow seems to make it into the pages of every single medieval fantasy novel out there. 😉 It was morbid, but I am kinda glad that I got to see it… (well, technically, the rack has long since deteriorated, being made primarily of wood and all. It decayed and became dust, as wooden things tend to do after a very long time. But this was an accurate, in fact, the only accurate recreation, created from records taken in ye olde days.)


We went inside another part of the wall to see the Crown Jewels, which was really awesome! Photos were not allowed, though. Too bad. Is someone afraid that we’d try to recreate knockoff versions, or something? It’s like, “psst, hey, have I got a deal for you! Wanna buy the crown jewels of England?” I can see that going down in Yokohama, yeah…. >.>;; From there, we went to the White Tower in the center, and there were pictures allowed there. It was mostly a museum, filled with all kinds of awesome castle-y stuff of awesome. 🙂


Oh, hay! You could see the London Tower Bridge from the window!


It was like shaking hands with a real knight. Only, this one didn’t move. You can’t tell, but he was actually really short, and mounted on a pedestal. Look at the petite shoulders!


So, it was around 2 pm when we finished touring the Tower of London, and the day was just starting! We stayed in the relative area for the rest of the day. Any idea where we went next?

See you soon!! (^o^)/

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