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Ribon Festa 2013

Yesterday, I did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time!! Woot!

You know JUMP Festa, right? The big yearly free festival that JUMP puts on in December for all of their properties? I even had my art on display there when I worked for Konomi-sensei! Well, there is a Ribon Festa too, every year!

I don’t know how it took me 8.5 years to actually go to the festival for Ribon magazine, which is the magazine that I want to get published in myself, but I finally made it!

Welcome to Ribon Festa 2013!

Ribon magazine is Shueisha’s main shoujo magazine, aimed at young girls. It made sense then, that most of the attendees were girls in elementary school and their parents. I was sort of expecting that, but I’d mistakenly thought that maybe other women my age read it, because Ribon is just that cool. If they read it, they weren’t there at Ribon Festa when I was. 🙁

Ribon is pretty much the girl’s version of JUMP (it’s from the same company). Most of the manga in it are, unsurprisingly, love stories. A lot of really famous shoujo artists got their start there, like Arina Tanemura, Ai Yazawa, and Wataru Yoshizumi. The reason that I love it is that a long time ago, Marmalade Boy was the first anime love story that I’d seen, and the manga for that was originally published in Ribon. Back in the US, I bought issues from the import book stores even though I couldn’t read it.

So, years later when I was in Japan and the thought that I could be a mangaka entered my head, I vowed that it would be Ribon or nothing. To me, that’s my dream. I want to run in the same magazine that used to publish Marmalade Boy.

Of course, it doesn’t run in Ribon any more. The sequel to Marmalade Boy is actually running in the new magazine Cocohana, right now. ^^

By the way, there are two other magazines  from other publishers that compete with Ribon:
Nakayoshi (from Kodansha, famous for Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Candy Candy, and many more) and Ciao (from Shogakkukan, famous for Revoltionary Girl Utena, Mizuiro JidaiWedding Peach) .  I believe that Nakayoshi is actually the best-selling of the best three, but Ribon is my dream. ^^

So anyways, I sort of expected a decently large event, but that’s not what it was at all! ;__;

Ribon Festa was in a small hall on the fifth floor of a popular shopping mall in  Yokohama. It was clearly marked with banners, so it wasn’t really hard to find. ^^


Here is what the entrance looked like. It was very colorful, and it was a lot of fun to see such colorful pictures everywhere! ^^


I couldn’t resist, lol.


Looking out from the entrance. It was free to get in. ^^


Most of the visitors were primary-school girls and their parents. ^^


Inside, there was a small hallway filled with cardboard cutouts from current series that you could pose with, and a few photos on the wall.


Like this one, from Nagareboshi Lens, one of the popular series right now. ^^ I like the series, but it’s a fairly generic love story, so nothing that really stands out for me.


And this one from Onna no ko tte., which is a personal fevorite!! Onna no ko tte. is a simple little manga that gives cute advice to common things that happen to girls (like what to do about hair on your legs, if you’re taller than all of the other girls, or when your first period happens.). It’s sort of funny at times, since I’d never have thought of a few of the solutions, but maybe it’s solutions that are common here. XD


In the back of the hallway, you could buy special goods that were only sold at the event, like signed prints (copied after the signatures… um), and folders and key chain holders, etc.


This manga, Chokotan, which is about a girl who has a dog that can understand human speech, and the boy that she likes, who also has a little dog… It’s cute. I only watched a little bit of the anime, though, which was playing on tvs scattered around the hall, because they always release a DVD later on with the magazine (it’s never very well done, anyways).


This is from the manga Hiyokoi, which is a cute story about a really short, frustratingly shy girl and her first love, whom also happens to be monstrously tall. I used to like it, but Hiyorin (the girl) really got on my nerves after a few chapters; she has NO backbone at all! And Yuushin, the boy, has really acted like a jerk to some other characters, so I’m not really a fan anymore.


I couldn’t resist taking a picture with Yuushin, though! He seems to be taller than me…. but he’s in high school! And Japanese! I’ve met a Japanese guy taller than me. Even Saitou Takumi was shorter than me by an inch or two.. XD


Chu! XD;; (Would NEVER date someone like him, though.. XD)


Inside of this, there was one large room with displays of finished manga pages, original art, and promotions for the Zekkyu Gakkou movie. There was a big stage at one end where the mangaka from Chokotan would be doing a talkshow and signings, but I didn’t bother going. ^^; Photos weren’t allowed in any case, so I just stared at the art and mentally compared it to mind and Konomi-sensei’s. 😀

If you ever get a chance to see original manga pages up close, I recommend it! It’s really good to see the techniques up close, and of course you can also see all of the mistakes! 😉 That’s where all of the white-out is. 😀


Well….! Ribon Festa was interesting, but it was definitely nothing like JUMP Festa! Probably not worth going unless you’re a fan of a series that is currently running. ^^

I recomhttp://www.ciao.shogakukan.co.jp/

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