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The Ueno chocolate exhibit!

Oh my, is it warm today! It’s around 70 degrees (Fahrenheit), and deliciously sunny! The birds are chirping, and it feels like the cicadas are going to come out soon!

So, what better time to revisit old photos, right? XD.. I am going to get out and take some nice new ones of the springyness and sakura sometime this week. :9

For now, I want to divulge a bit, and talk about an exhibition that I won some free tickets to. ^^

It was a cold day in December, and the Science and History museum in Ueno was hosting an exhibit about chocolate.


Actually, the exhibit turned out to be pretty boring and simple. There wasn’t all that much to it. Sooo glad that I won free tickets!

I took my dear friend, Tomomi. ♡ Isn’t she adorable here?


Right inside of the entrance, which smelled like chocolate (I think they were using a scented perfume.. and I thought, “wow, this is going to be amazing”), there was a cacao tree.


A real tree.. with fake pods attached. XD;; Strangely enough, I have never seen a real chocolate tree before, so this was new to me.


Here are some real pods that were in a glass case next to the tree:


After the tree, there were some displays of traditional drinking-chocolate containers from various parts of the world. A lot of them were really complex, so I took a few pictures of the ones that I thought were particularly stunning:


Then, there was a display with fake pods, again, showing what they looked like as they were harvested:


Cocoa beans!  \(^O^)/


Then… umm.. this machine. It says “try getting roasted like a cocoa pod!
I did…………………………which may say a little bit about me.


It wasn’t particularly hot, although apparently that is the correct temperature. I imagine that it takes a long time. After that, there was a diagram on the wall showing the components that go into making chocolate candy bars.


And near the exit, a snazzy video display where you could put yourself on the wrapper of a chocolate bar. Here is Tomomi:


And me XD:


Following were some real chocolate labels from all over the world, and a few examples of candy:


And last was something quite unique… “statues” carved out of chocolate!

Yes, these are all pure chocolate…


Isn’t that amazing?


While I wouldn’t say that the chocolate museum was really much of anything, at least it smelled really good! I also got roasted… which in the middle of winter, isn’t a bad thing!

See you for more London-ness soon! ;D

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