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London: The Kew Royal Botanical Gardens :)

I’m so sorry to have been neglecting my blog a little bit! It’s all for a good cause, I swear!

What’s that you say? WELL….!! You’ll see in the next few months! 😀

I love my blog, though. Really.  It’s my outlet, my place to talk to everyone, AND of course, my place to post photos. I’ve never really considered photographing professionally. I would, but it’s just so much fun on its own. I want to share all sorts of photos with you guys. ♥

So, anyways!! I do have quite a bit more from London to share, including some great stories, so let’s get going!

Also, I hear that the sakura have started to bloom in Tokyo. It’s several weeks earlier than normal, which might be because it’s been in the 60s and 70s. Completely unheard of for March. In May last year, it snowed. It doesn’t usually get this warm until June!

I neeeeed to get out there and take photos, though. ♥ Very, very much so! So, let’s get back to London, which also had unseasonably good weather, shall we! ♥

It was getting dark by the time that I got out of the mess at the Steampunk museum, and I went on down the street, heading for my destination, The Kew Royal Botanical Gardens. According to Google maps, it was supposed to take about an hour, but it ended up taking more than 4 hours.

It’s a good thing that I live in Japan, because I have to walk a lot every day just to live! (The old me would have collapsed and died!)

Eventually, I was passing a place like this, and I knew that I was close:

I crossed the river, and went on to the park on the other side, where this random cemetary made my heart skip a beat.

It felt very, very eerie. I don’t know if it was the weather, which had started to cloud over and get chilly, or just that I haven’t seen a cemetary like this in a long time. (Japanese cemetaries look like this!)


This is the church that took care of the gravestones.


Soooooo… I did make it to the Kew Gardens, although by that time it was almost closing time! I was also taken back by the £15 entrance fee!

Again… I should have done my research, because in my guide book it said that “most museums are free.” I’d assumed that it would be free or cheap. I was definitely wrong. ^^;

Next time, I will know! But I had come so far that I couldn’t just turn back, so I paid the fee and went in…

Immediately, I found this in front of me. Isn’t it gorgeous? To me, this is what I imagine a greek temple to look like… only smaller. :3


Pretty, right?


Then, there was more gorgeous architecture! In this case, it seems that this is the Queen’s summer home, or one of them. I wonder if she really uses it, though.


Around the back are her gardens. 🙂


Including a mini Labyrinth-style maze, which reminds me of Harry Potter, and of course, Labyrinth. 😀


Out front, there were quite a lot of birds..  Like these geese…


And pigeons feasting on leftovers at the nearby cafe!


I thought this tree had awesome pineapple!leaves!


And they had real banana trees in the greenhouse! 😀 😀 😀


Real lilypads!


Scary flowers that eat people… err.. flesh. They’re either Soylent Green or Zombie Flowers. You decide!


And.. a DESERT!!!! I feel like I’m back home!!


They didn’t have this flower back in Arizona, though. Judging by the name, I am kinda glad! Supposedly it smells like rotting meat when it blooms, and thankfully it was not in bloom while I was there. x.x;;


Ooh, more Greek-inspired buildings! I can’t get enough of these.


Lookie the pretty lavender. 🙂


I walked around the trail, and came upon this lake + greenhouse. It was a little bit too cold for me, though, so I wasn’t very prepared and just wanted to get inside..


So, inside I went! Up the gorgeous old staircases…. where I discovered that I was VERY allergic to something inside!


It was like being trapped inside of a pepper mill, so I made my way out, way, way too quickly.

It was a good thing, though! For outside lay unicorns!


It was just honestly too cold, though, so I headed for the gift shop even though I had not seen even half of the garden. :/ There, I feasted upon a cupcake and vowed to see more the next time that I came to London!


And so, I boarded the train, to head back to my scary, freezing cold hotel for the night!


I’ll be seeing you again, soon! Gotta keep up my blog of awesome! I find that it is a good mental break, as well! 🙂

Love always,


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