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Traipsing through London

As some people pointed out on my last post– I was lucky to have really gorgeous weather in London! It was generally sunny and un-rainy while I was there, to the point that I actually wondered what people were talking about when they mention London’s dreary weather!

I did have one wish, though– that it wasn’t so darned cold! I’d grabbed a jacket while leaving Tokyo, as an afterthought (Tokyo’s weather was still in the 90s), and was oh-so-glad that I had! I’d mainly packed warm-weather clothes, but in London it was just above freezing the whole time! Eeps! I had fun anyways, though. 😉 If that’s how cold it is in October, I have no idea how you guys do it in the middle of Winter!

So, on my random walking journey on my first day sightseeing, I happened upon a gorgeous green park, probably packed full of little invisible fairies that came out after the sun went down. (*^-^*)

I thought this sign was cute! Plus.. it makes it look like you’re supposed to clean up the dogs! What do you have to do– groom them and tie ribbons in their hair? (Okay!)


Just look at those gorgeous (but freezing!) skies. Beautiful!


The buildings too!! I really wish that Tokyo had this kind of architecture. It’s so charming!! As long as the interior is nice, who wouldn’t want to live there??? :)))))


Hahaaaa! This sign was next to the park, and it looked like traffic had been diverted right into it. :3


Here are more examples of the gorgeous weather and gorgeous architecture. :3


Omfg, even the cars are cuter! I love the rounded style of English cars! This is how cars should be- not boxy like the ugly car that I had as a college student.


Here’s a secret little alleyway for the elves. *^^*


I passed over some train tracks. Coming to Japan, I rode a train for the first time, so I still associate trains with Japan. If not for the lush greenery, this could be in Tokyo. (Although the Marunouchi passes through some gorgeous greenery around Yotsuya!)


London also had a lot of foot traffic, though a lot more diversity than Tokyo.. 😛


School signs!! This is like my youth all over again!


Pretty holly. 🙂


This sign also had an unfortunate accident, apparently…


If you know Kew Bridge, now you know where I was!! 🙂


A red phone booth!!!! To me, these cute little things are SO England! I even bought a little bank shaped like one. :3

The only thing is.. who in the world uses phone booths anymore? It seemed like mobile phones were all over in London, too.  Maybe they’re just there to make the city look pretty, and not because they really ever get used.. After all, it wouldn’t be England without them!


Suddenly, crossing Kew Bridge, I spotted this amazing Steampunk-y tower. I naturally gravitated towards it. There was no hope!


It got closer…


And closer…and, omg! A steam museum!! LUCKY!!!


It was inside of these open gates that I committed a major faux pas, though.  I got yelled at by a very, very nasty lady, but I honestly think that it was not any fault of my own. (It was also the second time I’d gotten in trouble in London. I’d gotten in huge trouble at the Airport!)


What happened? I’ll tell you next time! It made me really shaky.. I hate to be yelled at, especially in a foreign country. ;___; Especially when I don’t think that I did anything wrong. Did I? You can be the judge next post!



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