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An American girl from Tokyo in London♡

Ahh, London. I’m an American girl who grew up in a lower-middle-class family who never had the money to travel abroad. We lived an hour’s drive from Canada for most of my life, but I’ve never even been there! I’m actually the only one in my family to graduate college, and the only one to have been abroad. Unless you count the time that my Dad drove us to Mexico and we walked through the turnstiles (Seriously. One side: the US, the other side: Mexico) to “sightsee” in Tijuana? We actually had a really hard time getting back over the border because us children didn’t have ID cards or passports or anything. No, it doesn’t count? I didn’t think so. ;P

Somehow, I turned out quite different from the rest of my family, who never understood my fascination with “cartoons” or “comic books.” That me ended up in Japan, in China, and eventually in London! This is only the beginning, believe me!

I discovered after living in Japan that I love, LOVE traveling! At some point I even decided that if I never get to live in an alien civilization, I will have wasted my life. As Alie would put it, I want to go to all of the places!🙂 If I don’t get to go live amongst a friendly alien species anytime before I’m 80, then I’ll just have to live forever!

Oh yes, so.. London! Righty-o!

What I meant to say was that, to me, London is part of this magical land over the sea, where unicorns live deep in the forests, and way back in cooler times, Knights fought Dragons to win the hands of fair maidens all over. London also has  tea and krumpets, clotted cream, fish and chips, and queens! That all seems pretty awesome to me! (Even if I think that Monarchies based on familial succession are a stupid idea, they do at least have really long and interesting histories).


Oh yes, my trip. 🙂 Well, I only had two weeks to explore London, and let me tell you, that was not enough. I needed a bit more time, and a LOT more money. The exchange rate to pounds was dismal and kind of depressing. As bad as my hotel, which cost more than a low-class hotel in Japan which would still have at least been clean and quiet. I’d rather not remember the horror that was my room, though, and instead focus on the amazing feeling of being in a land with really, really great architecture. 🙂

I have a feeling that these places are not all that expensive in London, but in Japan, they’re so stylish and character-driven (not to mention insulated!!), that they’d only be available to the really rich!

I had arrived a few days before my friend Miho was due to arrive and keep me company, so the first day I took a walk. A long, loooong walk. Much longer than I had anticipated. So, this is just the first part of my walking tour.. I was staying near Hammersmith train station, by the way. 😉

I went down the street, and immediately was taken with all of the gorgeous buildings. EVERYWHERE. I can totally see why people would want to live here!

My god, even the stone pavements were gorgeous. 🙂

As were the gardens, windowsills, fences, and even gates! Aaaahhhh, wrought-iron gates, I have missed you!

I thought that this little snail was adorable. :3

Next I passed some more gorgeous buildings. I tell you, the place was full of gorgeous buildings!

Ahahahaaa! Clamped! I’m sorry, Londoners. I think that an English accent is gorgeous, and I love learning new words (Quid! Yay!), but clamping a vehicle sounds pretty funny to me. Please don’t hate me. :3

The old gorgeousness abounded. Even the buildings were vintage! :3

Kehehee, sorry. I could only read this as “LAMEington street.” Here, I’ll tell you this fact about me to make it even: My last name is Lano (pronounced LAY-noh), so some of the kids in 5th grade called me LAME-o. I can’t remember if it even bothered me, though. LOL

I don’t remember why I found this funny, but I’m sure that I did. It was quite interesting and relaxing to be in a new place. Do you see anything funny with this sign?

I still read this one as “butler and lawyer.” It sounds like a combination right out of a manga.. or Gossip Girl.

KYAA! I FOUND IT! I forgot to mention it, but London is also famous for red double-decker buses. This was my first sighting, and I just barely managed to whip out my camera in time! Miho and I later took quite the advantage of the red bus system downtown. 🙂 If you sit up front on the top floor, it feels like you’re flying. Cool and scary at the same time.

My mom used to work at the Salvation Army, so this one is for my Mom! She worked at a Washington branch, though. It would have been a really long commute!

I just loved the little tiles on these paths! I’ve noticed that Japan has really rubbed off on me in that I squeal over the tiniest little thing now. ^o^;;

I loved this mossy brick wall of awesomeness!

This church was my first church! It looked exactly like a miniature Hogwarts! How is a girl to contain her excitement? :3  It’s more exciting when you only take a picture of the top spires, though, as the street gives it a bit of a mundane feel. It would look much cooler in front of a dirt road, don’t you think? 😀

These houses across the street were like mini-churches. :3 :3 :3

Yuuuuuuuuum, and fruit was SO CHEAP! I can’t even think about it without drooling..

Have a gander at the happy tables and streets that I walked through, on the way to.. you’ll see!

XVXPLGHHHHHHHH! WHAT. I CAN’T EVEN. So cheap. Cheap pizza, I remember you fondly.

That guy was on his way to 318 Factory, I guess?

Even the mushrooms looked like they had fairies prancing around them! Look at this one, it’s this beautiful, yet growing out of a tree!

And then, I came upon this little park. It took my breath away. The green, the little church at the end… Oh my god… that’s all I could really say. No words can give it justice, really, and it was just a random park. In Japan, a random park is lucky to have gravel instead of cement, and let’s not talk about grass and trees and stuff. :/

SEE WHAT I MEAN?!! London was already taking my breath away.

It’s getting late.. I’ll continue my walk through London soon! Please leave me a comment with anything that you liked! *^^* I’m always looking for what people want to read the most!



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