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From Tokyo to London, with love ♡

In October, I jetted off to London!

It was my first time. There were a lot of reasons for me to go. I had a lot of mixed feelings during the flight (mostly because I was leaving my kitty for two whole weeks!). But in the end, it was a great idea!

For the most part.. 😀

I know that you want to hear all of the juicy details!


Well, they are coming! But first, I’m going to give you a tiny little taste. I had my DSLR camera with me most of the time, so I took great photos with it, but I also snapped some fun ones with my iPhone. Here they are!

It’s kind of a preview of what’s to come… Are you as excited as I am? (^-^)

On the plane to London, the girl next to me moved into the empty middle row, after making a bunch of odd noises. Maybe I smelled? I had just taken a shower, but I had also rushed off in quite a hurry.. In any case, I flew with Virgin Atlantic, and the plane was almost completely empty, which made for a lovely flight. 🙂 There were TVs in the back of the seats, too! I will definitely fly with them again if I have the opportunity. *^^*

On the way, we were flying with the sun, so it never got dark, even though to flight was about 14 hours long. :O

I arrived safely, although my hotel is another story!

 I spent the first few days alone, marveling at the gorgeous architecture! It amazes me, after living in Japan for so long, how buildings can be 1. old and crumbly but not have holes all the way through, 2. actually retain heat (yay insulation!), 3. look so ornate and gorgeous!

Then, I met up with my long-time friend William. He and his partner used to live in Japan, and just moved back to London a year-ish ago. He showed me around Camden market. I wish that I could have spent even more time with him, though!

Kyahahahaaa! I guess that TBBT is also on-air in the UK. 🙂

No surprised that Sesame Street is as well. *^^*

The tea cups are SO BIG! Japan really is tiny-sized in comparison to most of the world, and I kind of forgot that. I’ve spent almost 1/3 of my life in Japan, after all… (It does NOT feel like it!)

Color is also in, which is something that also does not really exist in Tokyo. In Japan, so many people (gyaru excluded) prefer to remain bland and colorless (though still fashionable!).

My traveling companion, Miho, arrived the next day. We ave been friends for years, but this was the first time that we traveled together. She is such a delight to hang out with! It was from there that we really hit up the town, using the London Pass and a one-week train pass to get into everywhere for super-cheap!

My first Picasso. For really real. As an artist, I was awed. I guess you can tell. *^^*

We geeked out a lot to Harry Potter, too… :))))))

My first mummies, too! Hey. I love reading, but have always been too poor to really travel a lot. I still am poor, but I pinched my pennies like crazy because I desperately needed this trip after everything that had happened in the beginning of the year.

One step closer to completing one of the items on my bucket list!

We tried all of the local delicacies, like fish and chips. 🙂

And of course, saw tons of the sights!

And then went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tour!

I should have bought that backpack!! I curse myself that I didn’t. NEXT TIME I WILL.

And then I stayed alone in London while Miho returned to Japan. My goal was Destination: Star Trek London. It was my first Star Trek convention since I was a kid, and quite the experience!

I finally met the lovely Trekkie Girls, whom I adore! ^^

I also spent a lot of time with Jay, whom I have known foreeeeeeeever. Ever since she came to visit me in Japan. *^-^*


It was quite the trip, and it brought out a lot of feelings in me. It was the first time in three years that I had smiled for so long that my face hurt, though. For that alone, it was worth it. (*^-^*)

I’ll be writing and sharing the pictures from my good camera soon!! Please tell me what kinds of things that you’d like to hear most, and I’ll try to accommodate! *^^*

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