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The day after the blizzard!

Chiiiiiillllllyyyy!! Whoa, it is pretty darn chilly for a city that doesn’t have buildings with central heating or insulation. Maybe that’s why my cold has developed into something that makes me really dizzy all of the time?

It’s not so bad, though. It’s Saturday– a perfect day to sit in and take the longest bath ever. That’s what I’m going to do as soon as I’ve finished writing here. The water is running right now!

Oooooh, a bath, my kindle, and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Perfect ♡

There is still tons of snow outside. It’s melted just enough to form ice overnight, and at least where I live, the sidewalk can be pretty treacherous at night or in the early morning. I hope there aren’t too many accidents!

So, I did manage to get out and take pictures the morning after the blizzard (Tuesday morning). As expected, it was chilly, but absolutely breathtaking. 🙂 If I’d felt better, I would have went into the city center to take some pictures of the buildings all frozen over. It doesn’t happen often! Or ever, really!

It was the *perfect* opportunity to wear my rainbow rain boots again! I stuffed them with so many socks that I could barely move my toes, though! It was nice and toasty (for my feet only)! 

It’s five days later now, and in some spots the sidewalk still looks like this! Hard to believe for a big city, even though I’m in the suburbs.

Some cars could make it up roads like mine, but I’ve seen many that still couldn’t, and even a few where drivers were manually chipping away at the ice inch by inch in front of their cars. :O!

Does anyone remember all of the pictures of rice fields that I’ve posted? I often go running or jogging there in the morning. Well, these are the same rice fields, white from something other than rice. *^-^*

A traditional Japanese house covered in snow. I like the way that the wall tiles shape the snow. 🙂

I also think that dirty snow makes interesting patterns. *^^*

Aaah, now I think that it’s time to take that hot bath! There are few better remedies! ♡

Next up is London, so don’t forget to check back!

I also want to add that I am trying to find time to reply to emails. I read all of them, so please keep sending them and I will do my best to reply eventually! If you  need a quick response, then it’s easiest to message me on twitter. I’m much more likely to answer you in a timely fashion to the best of my ability. 🙂

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