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And so we prepare to depart Japan’s Cat Island..

What a journey! We had traveled through tsunami-ravaged former neighborhoods in order to reach the ferry docks, froze as the ferry whipped through gloomy waters, and arrived on the lush, cat-filled Tashirojima. From there, T and I had sought out cats, funky turtles, cool signs and billboards, and finally, the coolest cat-shaped hotels EVER.

But there were still a few sights left to see, and we whipped off, determined to get an eyeful before we had to catch a ferry (that may not even arrive) back!

So, off we went!

Oh, by the way… I mentioned spiders, right? Can you spot the spider here?

It was quite gloomy, and as it was getting on in the afternoon, colder and colder. It’s a good thing that we had a lot of walking to do!

So, on we traveled through gloomy streets.

This sign helpfully points out that Manga Island was back the way we’d came! 😛

You can see the sea whipping up into a foamy frenzy here. I wouldn’t have told my partner, but I was quite worried that the return ferry wouldn’t actually come at all…. ^^;; (And where were we supposed to stay, anyways?)

Oh! Spotted another cutie! (=^.^=)

And on random people’s doorsteps/fences/etc, there were little kitty statues of all shapes and sizes. ^^

Also, of course, spiders. There were probably more spiders than cats on the island! I can only hope that they aren’t poisonous…. x.x;; (I saw them a lot this summer in the area that I live, too)

I really, really wanted to hit the cat shrine to complete our journey, but it proved very hard to find, and time drew nearer and nearer. Somehow, I have no idea how, we ended up back at the shore.

When I asked one of the construction workers near the docks where the cat shrine was, he remarked that it would take longer than we had to walk there, but he would take us in his truck!

It was so sweet!!! I nearly burst out in tears! :))))))) We climbed aboard the nice man’s truck and clung on for our lives as he sped through the trees like a bat out of.. well, you know. It was fun, but I was glad to just be alive at the end, lol.

The sticker on his truck window said, “ganbarou! Touhoku” Touhoku is the name of this region, the region where the most damage took place (it includes Ishinomaki). “Ganbarou” is a pretty broad term, but it basically means “let’s fight!” or “let’s do our best!”

We whipped past an abandoned school at breakneck speed!

And then finally arrived… Although I said “finally,” I really mean in like, 1 minute or so. 30 seconds maybe.

It’s pretty, isn’t it?

Most of what’s written on here is too damaged or dirty to read, but I think that it’s a poem, or something. It’s definitely about cats..

This is the sign at the front of the shrine. Our guide mainly waited silently outside of the gate. I’m horrible at small talk. Maybe he is the same?

And then, he drove us around the other side of the island, where I finally found the sign that I’d been searching for! The one that actually has a  map!

D’oh! The ferry stops in two places, and I’d gotten off at the one that every guide I’d read on the internet said to. It seems like the internet was wrong, though, and this would have been the better one to get off on.

I’d try to remember which one it was for next time, but I’ve forgotten! Oh darn!

On that note, I have one more post waiting about Ishinomaki, and then I have a whole new set of adventures to show you! I have got some really fun things to share, soon!! 🙂

So please keep coming back! Oh, and please leave a comment if you enjoyed me sharing my adventures on Cat Island!


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