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Manga Island on Cat Island! :)


We had finally arrived at the best part of cat island.. the amazing amusing cat houses! This part of Cat Island si called “manga island,” even though it’s really just a hill on top of the same island that we’d been on the whole time.

But aren’t they cool?!

You can also stay in the houses during certain parts of the year. I think that it would be worth it to make the trip back just to stay in one of them. (=^.^=)

So of course I took a lot of pictures!

We kind of came up the back side of the settlement by accident, so the first glimpse of cat-awesomeness was only so-so.

But it soon got cuter and cuter!

There were all sorts of little details hidden here and there! How many can you spot?

Just look at that cat tower towering over the trees? Aaaaah! I love it!!!

Cute cute cute!! Even the clouds look like cats!

There was even a coordinated van! I’m not sure if this was the visitor’s center or what. It didn’t seem like it was open, so we didn’t go in.

Even the public restrooms were cat-themed!

This.. um… ilustration was on the inside of one of the toilet stalls.


Here is a grumpy pirate kitty.

Stepford kittyhood. ;P

That’s where our adventures in kittyland ended, but there was still a fair amount of the island to explore, including the cat shrine!

As you can see in the next post: http://www.jamieism.com/1482/japan-travel/and-so-we-prepare-to-depart-japans-cat-island

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