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Touchdown on Tashirojima (aka Cat Island)!

Well, we finally made our touchdown on Tashirojima after a short ferry ride over the choppy sea. The sky was overcast as T and I made our way down the docks and over to the shoreline. I wasn’t really too worried that we wouldn’t be able to get a ferry home, but T mentioned it quite a few times. She was kind of a broken record in the back of my mind. ^^;

There wasn’t much to be done, though, about returning! Either we would or we wouldn’t- I figured that we might as well enjoy the island as much as possible. So, with the strong, chilly wind blowing at our backs, we set off up the road, and right away it was easy to see why this place might be called, “cat island.”


Before I lead you off into the interior of the island, here are a few pictures of our boat and the other ones at dock! It’s a little-known fact, but I really love boats. =^^=

This is the shoreline, stretching from the single long pier, across the shoreline for about 1/2 kilometer.

Right along the shoreline is where we saw our first “cat.”


And the, right behind that were more “cats” on the side of a building! These cute signs are so adorable, I could just eat them up! 😀 They give information about the harbor restoration after the big tsunami (which hit Tashirojima, of course), though, so I don’t think that it would have been very nice to take one of them home with me. 🙁

There were more cute signs, and then..

A kitty!! A grumpy-looking little tomcat who was actually very personable and friendly! Some of the signs said not to feed the cats, so I couldn’t give them anything except for love.. but oh how I wanted to give this cutie-pie a feast! He was really a sweetheart!! (=^.^=)

We turned onto a side road and headed for the center of this little island. I only had crappy Apple Maps to rely on because I had just upgraded to an iPhone 5, and had assumed that there would be an area map at the harbor. All of the guides I’d looked at online had said that there was. (There really is, just not at the harbor that I got off at, it turns out!) Anyways, the roads were hilly, and as soon as we got up high enough, we could see the other side of the island. It was very small. There was also what looked like a lot of damage, but whether it was there before the tsunami or not, I don’t know. In any case, the dreary skies and overgrown, twisted look of the island lent it a very mysterious feeling.

Cats showed themselves randomly, from all sorts of locations. Most of them were really shy, though, and wouldn’t let me get close enough to pet them.

A few of them did, though!

The sad thing is, though, that I’m a bleeding heart. When somebody shares a photo of a kitty who is in need of a home for whatever reason, I tear up. If I read it, tears start falling down my face. I cry at commercials with a dog happily bounding through a field to meet her little girl. I love these animals, and they ALL make me cry my eyes out!

And the problem here is that while all of the cats seem to be fairly well-fed, they are also obviously strays. From far away they look cute and nice, but up-close they all have boogers in their eyes, mats in their fur, and some are missing body parts. I know that most of you know what I’m talking about. So, I wanted to cry every time a grizzled old tomcat rubbed his head gently against my outstretched hand. I wanted to say, “hang on there, kitties! I’ll take you all home!” Not that my cat would appreciate this. Or my landlord, really. Or my wallet. And, actually, I’d probably cry every day because I wish they had had a better start in life.

I think that I need to stop here for the day, because I’ve started tearing up again. (;o;) I want to give all of the kitties a home.

The next part is here: http://www.jamieism.com/1474/japan-travel/meow-meow-island-tashirojima-part-3

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