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Happy 2013!!!! \(*^O^*)/

Aww, look at little Maigo run! ^^

Or, as they say in Japan: Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

This is a new year, a new leaf!! It’s the start of another page in the volume of life. And also, a new start to publishing on my blog! I admit that when I get busy in real life, I sometimes let things slide. But I’m still at it. I love blogging, after all! (*^-^*)

What are your resolutions? My only resolution is to be happy, but folded within that resolution are any number of other goals. Travel to a new country, publish a manga in a japanese magazine, self-publish a manga and a doujinshi, get really in shape, etc. etc. The only one that I am focusing on is being happy, though. I want to be happy more than anything. ^^

So, what are your New Years resolutions? I’m leaving this blog post off from here, so that tomorrow I have the time to write another post full of the glorious pictures that I still haven’t posted!

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Hi! This is Jamie Lynn Lano! I am a Washington State (USA) native who: ☆ Holds a Bachelors of the Arts in Media Arts & Animation from AiPx. ☆ Worked as an assistant mangaka in Japan for Konomi Takeshi on The Prince of Tennis. ☆ Was an essay columnist for Asahi Weekly from 2008-2013. ☆ Was the star of Asahi Pop'n Press on Asahi TV (Japan) from 2009-2013 ☆ Was a write for Metropolis magazine in 2010. ☆ Has kept a blog foreeeeeeeeever! First and Current blogs.

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