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Searching for Godzilla!

I love randomness.

Which means that it’s a good thing that I live in Tokyo, where randomness is key! Randomness is what Japan is all about!

Something random that I learned many, many years ago, is that if you’re able to find Hibiya “park,” which is really just a concrete plaza in front of the Mitsubishi building in the Hibiya neighborhood of Tokyo, there is a statue of Godzilla there!

It’s tall, which is to be expected of Godzilla… sort of!


If you’re walking from Tokyo Tower, it’s actually about a 45 minute walk or so. First off, you have to walk around the tower and through a little wooded park. It’s eerie here, as this is one of the most heavily developed areas of Tokyo. All around the park, you’re surrounded by skyscrapers. But you’d never know it while you’re inside!


That afternoon, the sky was beautiful!


I noticed that the color neon yellow was gaining in popularity!


I thought that this building was cute.. what do you think?


We walked for a while, and then suddenly, this gorgeous building sprang into existence!! We didn’t have the time to go in, but it turns out that it was a library!! I’ve been meaning to go back ever since..


Right across from that, there was this gorgeous clock, with cut-out hearts! *^-^*


And behind that, a mirrored building, and.. a mirrored sphere! Of course, photo opportunities ensued!



Unfortunately, the sun was beginning to set, so we had to hurry if we wanted to be able to see Godzilla!


Surely it was right around the corner…

OH NO! It’s eyes instead!


But finally, the “giant” statue reared it’s ugly head. See how big it is?


Unfortunately, I don’t have the pictures of me, since they weren’t on my camera… but if I do get them, I’ll post them, of course! 🙂




We were fighting the sunset by now, but we decided to walk back to Ginza station and catch the train from there.


I found this cute old-school sign.. 🙂


And of course, couldn’t resist a classic shot of the Seiko building!


Whew!! That ends our Godzilla adventures, but I still have a TON of pictures to post!  And I do believe that there are a few requests for continuations of How to be a Mangaka, and my story from working on The Prince of Tennis. 😉


Ask, and ye shall receive!


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