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Piles and piles of garbage..

I just wanted to add that there are piles and piles of garbage, too. It’s insane.

I imagine that it was much worse a year ago, however. This just speaks to how far the recovery efforts have come.

Lately, a lot of people in the Easter US have been hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, and they (including some close friends) are without power still. I feel for them, and for all people who have been affected by natural disasters like these. Hang in there, everyone, and if nothing else, use Ishinomaki as an example. They are rebuilding, they are learning and remembering, and using their experiences to educate. We can all do the same.

I want to help too, in whatever way I can. *hugs*

What’s left is all separated by type. This one had a lot of canvas, hence the blue tarps that really stood out.


Cloths of all sorts.


Some closer looks.


It was like a giant dump yard, only most of these things were never meant to be thrown away.


The colorful children’s balls from some ball pit somewhere. I’ve always wanted a ball pit in my house, but now..


A tricycle lies amid household things.


Aaaah, this is so depressing! I think that it’s almost time for a cheerful post!! I can always finish up these posts later!

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