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Capturing the mood of a place destroyed by tsunami

No matter how far we walked in Ishinomaki, the devastation seemed to never end.

Houses, businesses, apartments, all leveled, destroyed, or just plain wiped off of the map.

And then there were piles of garbage. And cars.
But those will be in the next post. In this one is the seaside, and more houses.. Oh so many more pictures of houses.


I tried to capture the mood right with this coloring and lighting. What do you think?


Part of a foundation. Houses used to stand here.


There was debris everywhere, and in weird places. But this is nothing compared to what it looked like a year ago, I’m sure.

A garden wall, cracked but still standing.

More and more foundations.

Ruin, as far as the eye could see.

Dark, dreary fields, at least on the day that we arrived.

Daily items float abandoned in the water.

A walker, a toilet, and many other items, most unidentifiable at first glance, floating around the moat surrounding the apartment. Everything stank of mold and decay.


I found this log jammed sideways into the second-floor balcony somewhat poignant.

Who knows how this house is even standing anymore.


Tamara, taking a slight breather. It was quite dark, and a laugh helped to relieve the tension.


A crow was chilling out on the roof of another building near the shore.

This shrine was only knocked over in the water. Compared to the houses that were swept away behind it, this monument was very solid.


Behind it, though, were more houses, completely gutted by the waters.


Still, though, there were small signs of life. (not my favorite kind of life, but..)


We arrived at the coastline, and walked along it for a little while. Right at the point of impact with the shore, it was still in ruins.


In the distance, there was a school. You’ll see that in a future post. Words fail me at describing how I felt when I arrived at that school, but I will try.


And then, there were the cars…

Cars will be in the next post! See you soon!!

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