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Ishinomaki 19 months later…

It’s catch-up time!

So, when I left off, we (Tamara and I) were still walking through a rain-soaked Ishinomaki.

We had wandered up through the muddy roads to a few dilapidated apartment buildings, standing clustered together in the corner of the huge field.

It was really, really somber.


Look at those railings! All of that was bent by the force of water.. I had never thought that water alone could be so powerful… I mean, it’s bending metal!


The red letters (in this case, H) spraypainted on the sides of the building were used during search-and-rescue and cleanup missions.


Desolation, as far as the eye could see. This shouldn’t have to happen to anybody (except child molestors and abusers).


The buildings are not just falling apart, they are also bowing under the pressure. I wonder how long it will be before this building just falls down. Look at how the wall is bowing out.


The ceiling is falling down, that’s what those strips are.


Twisted metal hanging on a power wire.


You can see the former tenant’s belongings in the closet.. boxes of clothes, put away until later/for the summer/ “until I lose the weight.” Or for some other reason..


A red something floating in the “pond.”


Kitchen utensils also, floating in the “pond.”


Curtains tangled around the balcony railings.


Ahhh, these are the same cupboards that are in my kitchen right now.. that have been in pretty much every Japanese kitchen I’ve ever had.


These apartments must have been really sturdy to withstand the waters, when entire streets were washed away.


Debris everywhere!


A lone porn magazine that somehow survived the tsunami, despite all of the people who did not.


Any guesses as to what this used to be?


Lots of TVs.


Shoes in the water.


And eventually we headed toward the houses in the distance.


Okay.. to be continued very, very soon! Look for it!



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  • Agni

    I was amazed at how much deoutrctisn was in Japan. I knew that it was bad and many lives were lost, but it became so much more real to me after watching this video, I am very glad that I helped with the dixie direct contest and could play a small part in the thousand dollars now going to Japan. This video made me want to do more to help. It also put my problems into perspective, I am worring about a paper when people in Japan don’t know where their loved ones are at and have no home and no school.

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