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People-watching in Shinjuku (*^-^*)

I’m feeling a little bit under the weather today (probably the air from the plane ride catching up with me!), so I’m thinking of foregoing sightseeing today for the most part, and just relaxing somewhere and drawing… Just where I should go is the problem..

First, though, a post!! 😀 On the way to what is one of my favorite places to sightsee in Shinjuku (it’s free, too!), I decided to snap some pictures of the public. I got a few good ones, I think! 😀

Want to see more? Click on to continue!! 😀


While we were there, there was some kind of public protest or march going on.


I couldn’t understand the muddled announcements being pronounced through the loudspeaker, but when this sign came by, I finally understood.. they were marching to support the spread of democracy in China! I am for that cause, although the shouting through a bullhorn was a bit too intimidating for me. I thought that it was for something a lot more aggressive, like “Japan for the Japanese!” Those people do show up every once in a while in public spaces.


On to the street.. Can you spot the schoolgirl with her uniform blowing in the wind?


Here is a blurry, but really beautiful lady on the way to her job somewhere..


This schoolgirl’s scrunchie caught my attention..


And it’s nice to see a splash of color in a sea of black and tan.


She was looking off past me, perhaps waiting for her lover..


A girl in a cute blue dress caught in the wind, alongside an ironic hipster of a guy. .


Traffic conductors.


This guy did a double-take at me, and so I retaliated with a single take, preserving that moment forever.




Adult Horio staring at me.


I found this girl with her head down to be interesting. So many people in Japan won’t make eye contact with you.


Bored with her job, perhaps.


Fixing a strap.


More people caught up in concentration..


The guy in front is a real ham. I like him. 🙂


Something is apparently off there to his right..


An ad for a doujinshi (self-published comics) shop nearby. I hadn’t realized that there was a branch of this famous shop in Shinjuku! It’s been a while, but I have been to branches in Akihabara and Ikebukuro.


First kitchen is a famous nationwide fast-food chain. I don’t go there often, but they have a great selection of potato wedges with different flavored powders on them. ♥


This is a Japanese street sign. Not a really common sight, as most roads are very poorly marked.


And so, we (Tamara and I) continued walking and taking photos…

Tune in in about 12 hours to find out where we were going and get more pictures! ♥


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  • Jessika

    Shinjuku and Harajuku are some of my favorite places in Japan. I’ve always been a huge Japanese fashion fan, so going there in person around Christmas of last year was like a dream come true. It was incredible to see the iconic Harajuku station and then wander down Takeshita Dori marveling at all the fashion subculture boutiques (mori girl!)

    In Shinjuku I found a second hand visual kei clothing store. I’m a HUGE visual kei (jrock) fan. I bought an awesome jacket and somehow my friends and I ended up wandering down kabukicho in Shinjuku late at night and lo and behold we found the host clubs! A host actually approached me and although I declined his offer I was the happiest person alive in that moment.

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