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Tokyo University picture monologue :)

I am in London right now, but in the meantime I hope to use my I’m-too-exhausted-from-sightseeing-to-move evenings to catch up on my picture backlog! A good plan, right? It means that I can’t post any manga posts until I get back (the 24th), but there are tons of pictures to keep you entertained in the meantime! 😀 (Please forgive me, but enjoy the pictures!)

This is Tokyo University, aka Todai, one of the most prestigious colleges in all of Japan! It’s supposed to be really hard to get into, with a tough entrance exam.

While I’m done with my college days for now, although I will be starting up Japanese classes next year, I did step into Todai for an interview for my Asahi Weekly column recently. While I was there, I naturally snapped a few pictures!

The Todai campus is totally open, so anyone can go in and take pictures, and I hope to go back sometime with a bit of time to snap pictures. The grounds look like they belong in New England. They’re so pretty! You’d never really know that it was Japan, aside from the front entrance…


Here is a map of the area, near the train station. 🙂


Do you see what I mean about the entrance gate? As Japanese as you can get without a Samurai and Geisha standing outside, lol!


This sign is a godsend for me. That’s the one thing that I don’t miss about Tokyo right now– that almost everywhere is full of cigarette smoke! London is so much nicer about that– even the bars don’t allow smoking! I feel like I’m in the future, despite all of the ancient architecture! 🙂


Lots of bikes. The future, again!! 🙂


I thought that it was really lovely. I definitely want to go back just to take pictures sometime! :)))


See you soon! I’ve got plenty of pictures to post, since I traveled to Ishinomaki recently and saw a lot of the tsunami damage! :O

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