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Kamakura photo journey part 2 (*^-^*)

I believe that I left off yesterday right at Tamara and my arrival at the giant buddha of Kamakura. And by ‘giant,’ I do mean GIANT!

I’ve been there once before, like I said yesterday, but I had totally forgotten one cool thing– that you can also go inside! Who knew?

(Apparently not me!)

Let’s get started with some more pics, shall we? 🙂

Ol’ buddha is a big boy!


Because it’s an important landmark, there are also a lot of ornamental carvings adorning the grounds! Imagine the time that it took to carve that level of detail into the monuments. 🙂


A good photo op for all ages!


Found it!!



I did try to get pictures inside, but it was so dark that you could barely see. The only illumination was from small windows in Buddha’s back, and this sign:

There were also other interesting things on the grounds….


Want to see more? Tune in for the continuation soon!! :DDD

And leave me lots of comments! <3


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