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Gorgeous chestnuts and fields of ripe rice in rural Japan :)

Good morning! Ohayo!! (*^o^*)/

It’s a really cold morning today, and raining. You can finally feel fall in the air in Tokyo! Considering that September is pretty much over, it’s about time!

I’m spending pretty much all of my free time working on my Denkiki manga, and on some illustrations that I’ll sell a limited number of in order to raise money for a printing! 🙂 It’s an experiment, but I think that it will be fun! It seems like before I blink, the day is pretty much over, though. Do you know how that is?

I try to get a lot of exercise, though, even if it’s a Saturday like this and I only plan to stay inside and draw all day. So, I end up walking around my neighborhood a lot (I also run every other day). Yesterday, I found these gorgeous chestnut trees bursting (literally) with ripe chestnuts! YUMMMMM!! Chestnuts are called Kuri in Japan, and until I’d moved here, I had never had one.

Even so, it took me 5 years in order to fall in love with the taste. Roasted chestnuts are now something that I look forward to in the fall. Does anyone else here love chestnuts too?

Coincidentally, there are also fields of ripe rice all around. Can you believe that it’s my first time seeing ripe rice prior to harvest? It was so beautiful, I had to snap a lot of pictures!

Well, here are the pictures that I snapped. Please let me know which ones you like! I’ll be inside all weekend instead of going to Tokyo Game Festa with a lot of my friends, since I have a vacation coming up really soon (LONDON!! And a trip to the tsunami zone here in Japan), and I want to work hard until then!

Pictures, here they come! ——->

First up are the chestnuts! These are in a field nearby my apartment in the Tokyo suburbs (technically Yokohama).


There was also a beautiful grasshopper resting on a green mesh fence. 🙂


And here is the rice! It both calms me to see such nature, and excites me to see something that I’ve never seen before. 🙂


Also, a beautiful old tree, a makeshift sidewalk, and my cat, Sansa. She likes to sleep with her tongue poking out, which is about as cute as cute can get! 🙂


When I have a bit of time, I’ll write the next installment of How to be a Mangaka! I’ll also answer questions! 🙂


~Jamie *^-^*

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