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Working as an assistant on The Prince of Tennis p22

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I am still waiting for news on my visa, and it’s a little bit like sitting on a hot-plate.. with ants running all over you! I can’t sit still, and I’m having trouble concentrating. So, I thought, let’s distract myself (and all you guys) with… some more tenipuri story!! YAYY!

Since I added Kaiwa-san to my facebook recently, I get pretty nostalgic reading his complaints about current life in the studio. (XD;;) My chapter in the Tenipuri studio is over, of my own choice, but the production life is still going on over there. Ganbatte, sensei-tachi!

So, we left off at..

Last you’d heard from me, we had just went to JUMP Festa after a week of really hard work. I was totally lightheaded from excitement, and it took the Christmas holidays to recover. 🙂

Soon enough, though, the holidays came to an end, and Sensei emailed us to come into the studio again. One freezing cold January day, I met up with Kaiwa-san, Tamusho, Marie, and Su-chan inside of Sensei’s first-floor studio.

It was business as usual. Straight in, and straight to work. The first piece that I had to draw was a golf cart… as a tennis cart!

Well, something like that! Here it is in the finished manga:


I was still brand-new at this whole “drawing-manga-backgrounds-for-money” thing, so it wasn’t easy to figure out the tips and tricks, and I consulted with Kaiwa-san and Konomi-sensei all of the time as I went along. It would go something like this:

*five minutes have passed*
*sidles over to Kaiwa-san*
“So, what does it look like now? Any advice?”

Five minutes would pass, and I’d do it all over again. But, if I didn’t do it, things would turn out like this exchange between Sensei and Tamusho:

*turns in a picture of tennis shoes running to Sensei*
Konomi-sensei: “Hmmmmmm………..” (really drawn-out)
At that point, Konomi-sensei starts giving lots of advice that makes you feel tiny and inexperienced (though it’s very nice of him to do that!).

I had a similar experience. Tamusho couldn’t get his shoes right, but I couldn’t get a bus right. Try and try and try, I could not get a bus to look good enough! I had very little experience in screen tones…

Okay, no experience in screen tones at this point. It took me a long time to get this bus to a level that he considered acceptable, and I felt sooo tiny while listening to hours of advice:


I learned a lot, though!! By the end of the week, I had drawn these pictures (and a few more that I don’t remember).

This one, I did the entire middle panel’s scenery and all of the screentones on that and the lower panel with the characters.


On this page, I did the entire middle panel (everything but Inui). It was my first time drawing a waza, which is what they call the special-serves. It involved a complicated technique using curved rulers and thumbtacks! (I’ll explain how to do it in my upcoming “how to draw manga” tutorials!)


The background for the bottom panel, with the gate and stuff is mine. 🙂


So is the panel with the falling balls here:


Actually, the entire training house was designed by me! Sensei was so happy with my uniform designs, that he asked me to design the training house.

I had to use the building that was actually on the training grounds as a reference for size and shape, but I could play around with it a bit, and the glass building is the one that I came up with. 🙂

I wish that I had my old original drawings still!!


All in all, it was just a LOT of work this time, but there was ONE thing that happened that I want to share:


Ryoma’s necklace. 🙂


Look familiar? I still have the charm that it was based on!

I already talked about this in the last post, but recently found the charm, and so here is the real thing! 🙂

Stay tuned for next time!! Something bad goes down between this session in the studio and the next.. What do you think it is?

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