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What is a mikoshi?

I have here a plethora of pictures from my most recent filming of Asahi Pop’n Press. 🙂 These are about Japanese mikoshi!

What’s a mikoshi? Glad you asked!! They are portable shrines on sticks that are carried around by volunteers during festivals. They weight a LOT, and are made almost entirely from gold and high-grade hand-carved wood. They’re also worth… a whole lot more than most of us could ever afford. ^^;

I guess that while shrine is the technical term, they’re more like litters, as in those portable rooms/seats that slaves or servants used to carry around with their master sitting inside, because these mikoshi are said to carry around that particular temple’s god inside. Kinda cool, if you forget about the whole “servant” part!

Anyways, I thought that they were really neat-looking, so in-between takes I snapped a bunch of pictures! <3

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This is my director and one of the curators of the museum that we were visiting in Asakusa. 🙂 

Me pointing at a mikoshi.


They are so ornate!!


Absolute gorgeousness!!  Do you have any guesses as to how much one costs?


This is what a traditional mikoshi-bearer might wear. 🙂


Is this job cool or what? I always love filming for Pop’n Press, because even though TV doesn’t come naturally to me, I work my hardest and I always learn some of the most amazing things! The power of tv is really something! 🙂

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