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Good morning call!

Today, I was just sitting down to breakfast (window closed, since it’s another hot day today), when an ear-splitting sound suddenly cut through the silence.

Well, hello giant Mr. Semi! We are talking 3-4 inches long or so. It’s a really giant bug!

The sound of a semi, also known in English as a Cicada, is synonymous with summer in Japan. If you watch anime or any Japanese drama or movie that takes place in Summer, that’s what that loud buzzing is in the background! They’re supposedly nostalgic to a lot of Japanese people, but since I’m not Japanese, I just find them really, really, loud. Especially when they’re on your window screen.  Their chirp is so loud that they can actually cause hearing damage. If you’ve ever had a particularily loud one on your window, it’s far louder than having a jackhammer in front of your house pounding away. I tried to chase the darn thing away, but it wouldn’t budge!

Here’s a close-up:


This guy is lucky! I had just come back with the bug-killer (okay, just windex because I ran out of bug killer) and it had flown away.

I will get you next time, semi! War is on. >:)))))))

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