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+100% humidity!

Wonder what the summer is like in Tokyo? Overwhelmingly, it’s mildly hot (in the 90s), but with a super-super-bright sun, that makes it feel like 115 and your skin burn to a crisp. With super-high humidity– so it’s a lot like you are walking (since you don’t have a car, of course!) through a sauna with a heat lamp on you.

Oh, and there are lots of sweaty people who like to bump into you and exchange fluids, and the streets sometimes emanate that sewer-ish smell. I don’t recommend traveling to Japan any time during the summer, unless you are super-rich and have a driver waiting around the corner, and scantily clad boys/girls fanning you with a giant fan made of ostrich feathers. Then, it might be fun. 🙂

By summer, I mean July and August mostly. Now that it’s September, the nights at least are starting to cool down and I don’t have to hibernate inside under the air-conditioner for hours. I don’t know about you, but for me that is a major “Yay!”

Alright, for example, on Friday (August 31, so technically August!!), it was very, very much still Summer. So, it was sunny and hot, and I sweat so much that it felt like I was related to the Wicked Witch of the East (I’m meeeeltiiiiing!!).

Oh, but it’s never too hot to snap a few pictures. 🙂


For example, on the train, it’s easy to tell that it’s going to be a hot day, as you sit in the air-conditioning.. 😉


No surprises here, we knew that it was hot!

I thought that this guy was funny.. XD I was just snapping randomly, hoping that I’d get something good. My camera never fails me!


Look at all the hot people, and the hot skies!


Too hot to focus!

That said, it’s literal torture, but I love the summer, because my birthday is in it! ♥

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  • Kimmy

    After reading your blog and looking at your amazing pictures I’ve more interested in Japan and it’s culture. Is Tokyo and other big cities really different from other (more rural) parts of Japan in terms of following traditions?

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