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Part two of my journey into the mountains…

Alright.. did anybody guess where I was heading, up in the remote areas of Gunma?

With that giant white-eyed Brontosaurus staring at us over the highway…

And right across the street from it was…

You guessed it! A Dinosaur Park!

Well, technically-speaking, it was Kannamachi Dinosaur Center! You can read my overall impressions of it in this week’s Asahi Weekly, but here are some more photos that didn’t make it into the article! (There is only so much space after all!)

And I approached the mystical wonderland..


This is the parking lot. There are a lot of cute dinosaurs hanging around, to greet customers, and lure unsuspecting travelers into their clutches..


“Kannamachi Dinosaur Center”..


Hi! Meet my new friend!


And another new friend! He communicates with the guy across the way. 🙂


There’s another big guy down near the entrance..


In case you don’t know, there are even footprints there to guide you! In fact, the footprints have a rather unusual story behind them!


And the footprints lead to….


Hehee… wouldn’t you like to know what is so special about this place, that makes it worth travelling 6 hours to get to? ;DDD

Keep watching tomorrow!! (Or get Asahi Weekly, lol!) 😀 😀 😀

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