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Manga recommendation – Hunter x Hunter ^-^

Almost as often as I’m asked, “what’s your favorite manga?” I’m asked, “what’s your favorite shounen manga?” Or sometimes, “do you like shounen manga?

To answer the latter, yes, I do! I read all different genres of manga. (*^-^*) I even have my favorite “boy’s” comics!

Which brings me to Hunter x Hunter! This manga is a shining example of what good shonen manga can be. The author, Yoshihiro Togashi (Yu Yu Hakusho), is a total genius. Or rather, a GENIUS!!!!

Hunter x Hunter is a long-runner in the “famous” Shonen Jump magazine, which alone should speak to it’s brilliance. It even carried the magazine for a long time (it was more popular than Bleach and One Piece, even!). In fact, it’s still going to this day, although it’s only being published on occasion (I eagerly await those occasions!).

Hunter x Hunter revolves around the main character, Gon Freecs, and the three friends that he makes on his quest to become a Hunter.

What is a Hunter? Glad you asked!

A Hunter is a person who hunts things. But not just any old thing. There are lots of different kinds of hunters– some hunt fugitives, some hunt for valuable old relics, some hunt for new species of rare animals, and some of them hold a Hunter’s license (at right), but don’t actually hunt anything at all. Hunters can be good, bad, or in-between, and to be one you have to pass a grueling physical and mental exam that is held once a year, and different every year. (That’s not where it ends, by any means! There’s a super-special secrety secret that you don’t find out until after the exam is over!)

Gon really looks up to his missing Hunter father, Jing, and wants to follow his footsteps, so off he goes to the Hunter Exam, which is where the adventure starts!

At the Hunter exam, Gon meets up with three guys who become his comrades, and help each other through the really difficult and bizarre trials.

There is Killua, a mysterious spiky-haired boy– the only other boy his age. Killua is quite hard, and has a big secret. It’s a good thing that Gon is so accepting- he doesn’t judge Killua (in fact, he thinks that the secret is cool!), and Killua becomes Gon’s best friend. The friendship between them is SO ADORABLE!

Then there’s blonde and mysterious Kurapika. Kurapika belongs to an ancient clan of people that was mass-murdered by a tribe called the Genei Ryoudan. He wants to become a hunter to hunt them down– for revenge.

And the last, Leorio. Leorio, tall and well-built, wants to become a hunter “for the money.” Or, so he says! But there is a deeper explanation.

Want to know what it is? Then you should read the manga!!

The manga doesn’t end with the Hunter exam by any means. In fact, not all of the main characters even pass the exam! Want to find out who? Read the manga!! (Seriously, I can’t express this enough!)

Maybe it’s the characters, maybe it’s the really deep story arcs, or just the adventure and inventiveness of it all, but I really, really love Hunter x Hunter.

At it’s heart, the manga is a story of adventure and friendship- the friendship between the 4 characters, and the adventures that they face, both together and apart.

And another thing that I like about Hunter x Hunter.. there are all sorts of characters! Old and young, fat and thin, really muscly or with giant boobs, or flat-chested or wobbly. Some people have beady eyes, and others have wide eyes full of lashes– there is no one specific type! Not many manga have that!

So go read it if you haven’t! Read it now!!

The whole series is out in english, after all!! ↓↓

(I even get a tiiiiiiny commission if you buy it from my link. Yay! Every bit helps! :))

Buy it, check it out from your library, borrow it from a friend, watch the anime on Crunchyroll.. whatever you do, I can’t recommend it enough! Gon will be happy if you do!

Oh yes, like I said, there is a really long anime series, and a bunch of musicals, drama CDs, and merchandise galore. There’s even a new anime series on tv, retelling the story, on right now in Japan!

The manga is still ongoing, but the english volumes are pretty much current. Chapters are only coming out sporadically, but they are there! Nobody knows exactly why Togashi-sensei isn’t consistent with putting out chapters any more, but my theory is that he’s busy with children, and well, he doesn’t need the money! He alone definitely has raked in millions, but his wife is Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon. They’re definitely, definitely rich, having raked in millions of dollars over the years. So, why continue to draw when you are filthy rich and have a couple kids to take care of? Naoko certainly hasn’t written in a long time, at all. Sooooooo, that’s just my opinion, but..

But when new Hunter x Hunter chapters do come out, I am RIGHT THERE drooling in anticipation, with everybody else!

Comment with your opinions, and make  Gon (and Jamie) happy!! 😀

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